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  1. This guide is a copy-paste from somewhere isn't it? Void u get with Hydrix pts, not PC. Zulrah isn't random, it always goes range-melee-magic-range, never taken me any longer so idk what is next. Also using titan is suggested and during red phase use magic attacks and I don't think u can make Crystal Halberd here and it also drops dyes to paint serp helm. If u ever did that guide urself I guess effort was put into it, but I'd say make sure it applies to the game when re-posting.
  2. Ever since I got it, always felt like too much is missing, having everything however is perhaps a bit op and that list would be long af. Really like the idea of getting to add monsters to the list for slay pts. +100
  3. (Maybe second time lucky) Add Anguish and Torment (lvl 95 magic and range prayers). Could just add the boosts to Turmoil. 9B xp cape. A master cape with the skill tab logo on it. Some cool particles would be great (rainbow for example). Title that you can get after getting 9B xp. "9B"; "MAX XP", or whatever the bossman likes. This one may be unpopular, but Vorago seems to be a tad bit too easy with Twisted bow. Vorago should be one of the hardest bosses. yet it is pretty much afk with tbow. Rise of the Six chest is broken. I had 12 pts but got only 1 loot, Breh told me he gets fked over by the chest in about 6/10.
  4. Whirlwind


    Agree with Raphael. Super donator = bank.
  5. In-game name on Hydrix: Whirlwind In-game name on DrygonScape: Whirlwind (not 100% sure, but I don't think I've used any other name in years, so had to be Whirlwind) Rank on DrygonScape?: Regular donator
  6. Age: 21 *In-Game name: Whirlwind - Whirlwind v2 - Zarosian (Ironman on which I play most of the time) Discord account: Whirlwind *Time at Hydrix/when did you join: 22Days on Whirlwind, 15H on Whirlwind v2, 2Days on Zarosian. Joined 2nd August 2018. Timezone: UTC +2 *What other clans have you been in (if any) and why did you leave: The Circle, didn't leave, but I think it is dead now. *Why do you think you should be part of Commanditos: Only 9b total xp account; #2 Top Voter; 3 accounts. Pretty promise to be playing more again as my exams are about to be done with. Additional information: Road2Comp, not sure if this will ever be done tho.
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    Update #35

    Simply simply lovely!
  8. Hey guys, here are some of the suggestions I've come up with during the time I have been playing. Add Anguish/Torment prayers to the curses prayer book. Or have Anguish/Torment stat boosts added to Turmoil, so it would be the prayer for all 3 combat styles. Make wilderness tasks trackable, maybe add them to the notes tab? Or add an item to check what the task is and how the task is progressing. Add Effigies (I assume they are not in the game as I've never got 1). Currently PvM key 2's are a lot more common than PvM Key 1's, which is a little bit odd. Key 2 can be obtained as a daily reward from doing 3 Barrows runs. Maybe add a new daily tat gives Key 1 as a reward, or add Key 1 as a reward for something like the Hill Giants daily. Make it so you can add 120 capes perks to Max/Comp capes. When a player achieves a Max cape, he usually wears it as much as he can. But those who are going for 360M's etc, wearing a master cape is far more useful because of the perks. Butl there should be limit to how many perks can be added to the cape, as adding all the perks of the combat capes would make the Max/Comp cape too overpowered. Absolutely no idea if something like that could be done, but it would be amazing to be able to wear the max cape but have the Fishing capes perk on it. There is an issue with the Hiscores that is quite annoying. When opening Hiscores and clicking on a player (myself for example) it shows the ranks wrong. Ranks are considered across all XP modes, I suggest that they should be according to the XP modes. For example, if I open my stats page, it shows that I am rank 5 overall, but I am actually rank 4 overall on Average XP mode. This is a mess of an explanation but the best one I could come up with, if not understood, leave a comment and I'll try to make it more understandable. Add "Vote parties". For example, every total 50 votes claimed (voting on 1 site means 1 vote, voting on all sites adds 5 votes to the total) every player online gets a a bonus reward. Reward for 50 total votes could be 2 Mystery boxes, reward for 100 total votes would be 3 or 4 and etc. The vote party would reset at 00:00 UK like every other daily reset. Those extra rewards could be anything, Mystery boxes were just the first things that came to mind. *Make it so that the rewards would go the bank, so a player with a full inv wouldn't lose the boxes. Also, the "50" I suggested was just an example, it could be anything really but this should be based on the player base. It can't be too few otherwise the game would be flooded with Mboxes, but it should't be like 1000 aswell as it wouldn't be reaced. That will be all for now, once I've gathered another set of ideas, I'll be posting more! -Whirlwind
  9. Can close this, got my rank :)
  10. Butler +1000 And love the idea for dif max capes, although the problem is that RS3 max capes are customizeable, while OSRS has just the regular red cape.
  11. Hey guys, I am buying a 10$ donation (rank) for in-game cash/items. Price guide says the price is 25M/1$, but I am willing to go up on that. If anyone is interested then hit me up in either forums or in-game! In-game name: Whirlwind Thanks guys!