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  1. drop the price to 250m plox. 1.5b is an ass load per set
  2. i have 50 kc for every boss but QBD, but my title says I'm missing half of the bosses. if this can be touched up and fixed that would be amazing 🙂❤️ i do have 50 kc exact for some, but i shouldn't need to do 51.
  3. Itsyaboi

    Feeling Blue :(

    hey everyone, in light of recent events, I created a new song to celebrate Leap Year Day, Here is my new song "Feeling Blue" for your ears to enjoy! Cheers and Love you all! ITS FREE TO LISTEN SO THERE IS NO WAY FOR ME TO TAKE YOUR MONEY LIKE SOME ONE WE KNEW :EYES:
  4. My new song "Legends" is out NOW! click one of the links below to listen!! Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/d4rk-5id3r/legends Youtube: https://youtu.be/8Vaiafy4bEQ
  5. Itsyaboi

    last song of 2019

    The final song of 2019 is finally here. Enjoy my latest song, "Free". Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/d4rk-5id3r/free Youtube: https://youtu.be/E-oh2LxnLXo
  6. with each completion you have to wait a few extra minutes for the raging mummies to respawn so you dont waste teleports. also, right now you're competing with others which i dont think is fair for a minigame.
  7. i feel all kills using lootshare should count towards all participants KC amount.
  8. Good job bois. Glad to see new ideas coming! Cant wait to see what you guys do in the future!
  9. Thank tom means a lot 🙂and happy belated thanksgiving to you!
  10. My new track "Leave This Town" is out now! check it out here: Youtube: https://youtu.be/K2cuZWHZMiQ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/d4rk-5id3r/leave-this-town Thanks everyone! Have a safe Thanksgiving if you celebrate it!
  11. Heists was always dead. We payed people like 20m a game back in the day to get our boots rather than them boss or skill. That's why they are kinda rare, but you still see them around. For the post: -1 +1 +1
  12. Y tho? Wat reason? U already get split loot?
  13. Idk what they do so sure 😄 +1
  14. Good update. Does this mean I get my mage kiln Cape back @Hydrix 🙂
  15. idk, if im lucky i can get 4 raging caskets a run. but then i have to wait for them all to respawn
  16. i feel like the title drop rates should be better. they are too rare for their over all use. ive only seen 1 thunderous title drop in my time of playing. more may have dropped while i was offline, but ive only witnessed once.
  17. This is a great update @Hydrix. Love to see you open to change. Sorry if I, or any1 else seemed mad. Great work.
  18. as we are aware, a new update dropped for new diary revamp. all i have to say is this update is great and makes me wana play again! but some things i dont agree with. items that i have already created shouldnt have to be redone... here are some specific diaries: - "Upgrade a Chaotic to (i)" i have done this many times for all of my chaotics and shouldnt be made to grind it out again.. - "research elite void" i already have a set, shouldnt have to do it again.. - "research Slayer Boost Emblum (i)" especially this one, 250 ancient shards is a long grind to get. when i have already made one, i shouldnt need to make a second one... - "obtain and spawn a skilling pet" if i have all pets and cannot regain another pet, then what..... (NVM you just have to respawn a new pet) ~~some others i personally dont like or are broken for me~~ -"obtain 9 raptor seals" i already have 1 but it says 0 - "donate 2b to the well" i dont really like this one only because i shouldnt have to be forced to waste 2b. i feel this is strictly catered towards heroics going for multiple prestiges than the whole player bass as a whole. - "calamity wave 58" havent only like 4-5 people gotten this out of all that attempted because of how hard it really is to get to it?! why?! - "Exchange seasonal tokens for 50 rewards" im not too bothered with this but why waste 15,000 season tokens to get 1200 more as a reward?! just seems odd but its whatever. - "find 25 treasure chests" this one i have heard a few complaints with. its just too much because only 1 person can get one every what, 30 minutes. floods of people will be wanting those chests so please either tone it down or change it out with something else. as we also know, the voting diaries are broken and have been told to be being fixed, just putting this here as a reminder. another suggestion is adding something to show you have completed and gained its rewards from a diary. thats bout it. my opinions on the diary. lmk what you think. if i come up with any other things ill comment below. thanks.
  19. use 2b on well for 25 spin tickets XDDD most worthless thing ingame for 2b leleleleell
  20. the only way i can see it being alright is if there is a way that we can dismantle the item and get EVERY part and coin needed back and can remake the item, then it will be fine. but we shouldnt have to pay for this. since we already made it. i didnt even think of the dying t90's since people just used the 3 sets for a currently undye-able superior apex set. i dont even know a way around that tbh....