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  1. Account pins would be nice but idk how many people will use it for the time it takes to create.
  2. Itsyaboi

    Random ideas

    Mixed feeling on most of these. Idk if I would want too many op familiars most of all... and others idk if they are actually needed.
  3. Itsyaboi

    Update #123

    Great to see a new season with new fancy rewads!!
  4. Itsyaboi

    Update #122

    Nice nice nice
  5. Itsyaboi


    even though i may not play much, i still like to be engaged with this community. i know that some of you like to see what im up to with my music so here is my latest track "Cityscapes"!
  6. Even though I haven't played much, this is probably the end of me for real. With the recent events, I cannot stand by and just let what happen slide. Things happen but something's just happen to much and too often.. I'll probably come back in the future to see what's new and improved. But now I am bidding farewell (ppftwtf do I mean... I have been gone...) but hopefully if and when i come back, things will be different and we all can just have fun again. Like we use too. I will continue to be apart of the discord and forums, but not the over all game. I loved this community so much, but sometimes things take a dive and need a bit to come back... Such lurk, much talk, Itsyaboi
  7. I can't... no words... just sadness
  8. I'm honestly sad... plus I can't even talk with you because I'm not I the same server as u in disc so I can't even message you... I'm sad that you are gone... I'll never forget the wise words you told me.... goodbye... for now.
  9. *Cough* i was first to 5 digit Boss KC, goml, fuck you ryan, jk but gratz man. totally deserve every single drop. much dedication and contribution to the server. now get to 100k plz and ty.
  10. heres a secret... *whispers* LUMBY COWS WITH A CHARM IMP
  11. i feel like this would be slightly broken code wise at first and may consist dupe glitches, would have be to thoroughly before released to the masses
  12. id say +1. prom weps are pretty worthless atm casue Chatoic (i) are pretty easy to get and proms are pretty rare atm. i have a prom sword but never have i equipped it once.