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  1. 12th November 2019 The 3 Amigos: The 3 Amigos are found in the depths of the underground. They will work together to kill anyone in their path. They 3 Amigos drop 3 new Codex's for upgrading the respective Turmoil bonuses. They also drop a new pet which can vary between each style when spawned. You may also instance this boss. Goodluck 🙂 Media: New graphic when active. Others: Thunderous title drop rate has been buffed. Kill 100 corrupted brothers achievement has been changed to unlock 1 turmoil upgrade. Removed the completed achievement diary world announcement. Magic kiln cape will no longer degrade to dust.
  2. 6th November 2019 Hotfixes & Changes: The Achievement diary will now show colours green if the achievement has been claimed or red if not. The Elite achievement of prestige once has been changed to Achieve 2,000 total level. The vote point achievement will now count in your current votes. Completionist cape requirement is now easy-elite achievements completed. Trimmed Completionist cape is now easy-master achievements completed. Corrected Mysterious cape interface. Master achievement loot 25 treasure chests has been reduced to 15. Raptor seals achievement will now count any seals you have in your drop log. Alch Dragon defender achievement has been fixed. Rune Defender (t) is now recognised in the Warriors guild. If you have completed any of the following achievements prior to the diary release, simply open the achievement diary with the item in your inventory for it to complete. Upgrade a chaotic to (i), Research elite void, Research the drop boost emblem (i).
  3. 5th November 2019 Achievement Diary Expansion: This update is just massive. I've spent countless hours, on 1000s of lines of code. Each individual achievement now has it's own reward along with a new point system called diary points which can be spent in the achievement diary store, you also get hydrix points for completing an achievement which scale based on your xp mode. On top of the Easy, Medium, Hard & Elite diarys being completely reworked & expanded, we now have Master achievements! Master achievements have much better rewards, but also require more effort. I really hope you all enjoy this content & hopefully it keeps you busy for some period of time. Media: Achievement Diary Store: Others: Fixed a bug causing Grand Exchange to delete peoples coins. Completed mini-me's. H'ween event has ended. Fixed a bug that was causing players to lose pet perks. Updated Completionist cape requirements to involve new diary. Fixed some issues causing few individuals to crash when teleporting.
  4. 19th October 2019 Halloween: The world has been slightly decorated with some pumpkins. You can now gather Fear dust from combat & Woodcutting, Fishing & Mining. This dust can be used to access a store with various h'ween goodies! Every kill has a 1 in 5 chance to generate fear dust, but how many depends on your target. Skilling will reward you with dust based on the amount of base experience a resource has. You can now also purchase Scary Boxes from the donator store for 2,000 tokens each. These contain various custom h'ween goodies. Others: Superior Apex has been graphically updated. Credits to @Raphael The raptor will no longer teleport you to the middle of the room, but instead to his location. Amulet of Immense power attack bonuses have been increased by +5. Anivia kill count will now add towards your total boss kills. Zaros godsword attack styles have been corrected. Ironman accounts can now access the Trivia store. Duo ironman "request partner" option will now appear straight away, no need to relog. New players will now have a 24 hour grace period on Grave fees. This means they won't pay any death fees for 24 hours.
  5. I cannot change an item that someone has paid real money for, that's bad play & quite frankly scamming.
  6. Hydrix

    Update #126 - QoL

    14th October 2019 QOL & Bug Fixes: Raptor teleport will now always instance the fight. You can still visit the non instanced area via prestige zone. Overkills can now be used in the wilderness, but wilderness stat caps still apply. Dryax is now immune from stuns. Donator zone 1 thieving stall teleport location has been fixed. Golden mining outfit is no longer tradeable. Fishing outfit is no longer tradeable. Construction outfit is no longer tradeable. Picking up coins from the floor that would result in your stack exceeding the max value causing them to vanish will no longer occur. Looting bag will no longer drop contents when you die without it in your inventory. Updated some Thunderous text. Updated Hazelmere's signet ring examine text. QBD now drops 10k tickets instead of coins. Fixed daily challenge slayer tasks only requiring 1 completion, regardless of the tasked amount. Wilderness clue scroll task has been removed. Kalphite King respawn timer has been changed from 120 seconds to 20. Corporeal beast respawn timer has been changed from 100 seconds to 30. Raptor respawn timer has been changed from 90 seconds to 45. Looting bag contents will now appear faster than other loot. Fixed Sirenic the Spider respawn timer. Rule Update: Safespotting can now be punished with a bank reset, if the player is constantly warned.
  7. 27th September 2019 Apex Armours: So following recent discussions regarding the state of Apex and how it impacts the economy, we have made some changes to balance the end game armours. Apex has been nerfed slightly, it is still the strongest hybrid set ingame, but not as strong as the t90 power sets. Superior Apex can now be created at the research table which is now the best in slot armour ingame. It has slightly better stats than the Apex prior to nerf. Disclaimer: Currently superior apex model will look the same as regular, but this will be updated soon. Sirenic the Spider: It's been clear that sirenic is by far the rarest armour ingame. This has been an issue for a long time and after some testing you'd average 1 scale every 16.5 kills. This means it would take over 1000 kills to obtain 1 set, which is obviously an issue. The following changes have been made: Summoning charms have been removed. You will still get the generic table charms though. The 2-3 scales have been changed to 3-5. The 3-5 scale chance has been increased from rare, to uncommon. All of this has reduced the scale rate from 1/16.5 to 1/3. Others: Autumn token rewards have been expanded & improved. Added desert phoenix outside dominion tower. Removed free daily challenge code (Has no effect on you now, don't worry). Tekton is now immune to stuns. Fixed a bug allowing players to make more bolts when their resources have ran out. Fixed some backend errors. Removed a useless message during the starter guide. Starter pack coins will now be placed in the inventory rather than pouch. Be sure to take advantage of the donation sale this weekend!
  8. Interesting suggestions.
  9. That literally means nothing bud. All errors will report a memory issue.
  10. 20th September 2019 Daily Challenges: Finally! Daily challenges are here! Everyday you will get a random challenge to complete which will reward you with an xp lamp & 10 points which can be spent in the new store! You can re-roll your challenge once per day by speaking to Daley at home. If you complete it then the follow day, you will get a new task. Rewards: Ore Bag: This can be used to store any type or unnoted ore. It has a capacity of 20 slots. Will also automatically store runes whilst mining. Clue Scroll Enhancer: Grants you an extra reward slot per clue scroll. Clue Scroll Casket. Supply Crates: Can be opened for random supplies/resources. Disclaimer: We intend to add many more rewards, so please let us know any suggestions. Others: Saradomin Owl is no longer a donator only pet. You can no longer spawn a pet in the Corporeal beast room. Removed prestige master shop option. Fixed a bug allowing coal to be removed from bag when empty. Clue scroll reward caskets have been renamed to "Clue Scroll Casket". Kalphite King special attack will no longer deal multiple hitsplats.
  11. As i've told you, we're always investigating crashes. I do not crash and when i've given out test clients to the few who experience a crash it's either because they don't have updated java or we aren't getting an error. I can't fix something that can't be reproduced effectively. I recently fixed a few crashes that everyone was experiencing, but selective crashing is much harder to fix. I do my best to always to find out why.
  12. 12th September 2019 Autumn Event: For those who don't know.. Every season we have an event where you can do activities to gain season tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for a random reward, ranging from low level resources to the jackpot reward! You need 300 tokens to redeem 1 reward. You can only obtain tokens will the active activity, this is displayed in the world events interface. We aren't quite out of summer yet, but the summer event was well and truly over, too many rewards were obtained causing very little reward, so we have made some changes this time round. Activities: The value in brackets will represent the amount of tokens you get each time. Crystal keys (20 per regular, 40 per elite). Clue scrolls (35 each). Recycle centre (2 tokens per runecoin) - This has been increased by 100%. Heist (2000 per win, 600 per draw, 300 per loss). Donating & Voting (Donating is 100 per $1, Voting is 100 per vote). Theatre of Blood (500 per raid). Mining (7.5% of the base xp of the ore). Fishing (7.5% of the base xp of the catch, capped at 15 tokens per catch). Agility (10-25 per course). Calamity (20x your highest wave. Must be above wave 20). Dominion Tower (15 per boss killed). Player Wars (150 per completed run). Rewards: Jackpot reward: Autumn partyhat Scrolls: All previous season event scrolls will also have a chance, if you fail a scroll roll you will land a rare slot item. Rare/Uncommon: Woodland Crown override (1) Pet Fox Pet Owl Silverhawk Boots (Can be exchanged for feathers if you already have them) Deathtouched Darts (5) Coins (100m) Runite ore (50) Raw Rocktail (50) Magic Logs (50) Magic Tree Seed (5) Uncut Onyx (1) Dragon Bones (50) Frost Dragon Bones (50) Deathtouched Darts (1) Coins (50M) Common: Coins (1m, 2m, 5m, 10m) Squeal of Fortune spins (2) Silverhawk Feathers (5, 10, 25) Coal (500) Iron ore (100) Mithril ore (75) Adamantite ore (50) Raw Shrimp (1) Raw Lobster (100) Raw Monkfish (75) Raw Shark (50) Willow Logs (100) Maple Logs (75) Yew Logs (50) Yew Tree Seed (5) Uncut Dragonstone (75) Red Chinchompas (100) Dragon Darts (100) Others: Grave death cost has been reduced from 20% of grave value to 5%. Season event reward announcements have been reduced. Legendary donator zone now has a +10% area experience boost. Holy Exlir drop rate has been increased. Hazelmere's Signet ring drop rate increase is now 8%. You can no longer obtain elite crystal keys inside Calamity. Active loot boxes will now be deposited to your bank whilst inside Calamity. Earth & Fire surge magic level requirement has been corrected. Fixed some bugs that do not need sharing.
  13. 3rd September 2019 Mage & Ranged turmoil: This has been a request for a very long time and the only reason it hasn't been added was because i couldn't figure a way to get it on the prayer interface, i still haven't figured this out, but i have added the prayers. You can now redirect your turmoil style by right clicking the prayer altar and choosing a style. The magic & range turmoil will added +15% damage/accuracy to it's respective style. It will say a little message when activating turmoil so that you will always be aware of what style you're using. How to unlock range/magic turmoil: You can unlock the prayers by purchasing a Range/Mage turmoil book from the dungeoneering store for 2,000,000 tokens. These books are also tradeable. Disclaimer: I do intend to move the prayer to the interface once i figure it out, but i didn't want to keep delaying the content. Others: Fixed a bug that allowed players to escape calamity on extremely rare circumstances. Slayer Survival on the minigames teleport will now move you to an npc first, rather than instantly starting the minigame. Trial of the Gods minigame will now teleport you to an entrance portal, rather than instantly starting the minigame. Temple of Light minigame will now teleport you to a cave entrance, rather than instantly starting the minigame. Completed custom title for Iron steak. Grand Exchange discord notifications now has it's own channel. Made some slight changes to the way daily perks are calculated to prevent players losing them when they play. Trial of the Gods npc's will no longer drop loot inside the minigame. Trial of the Gods glacor wave has been reduced to 1 glacor npc. Fixed an error with TOG & Mystery boxes causes you to obtain no loot. Tormented demons will now count correctly towards killcount. ::bank2 now has the correct delay. Dragonbone armour will now drop considerably more often. Sirenic scale drops have been moved from very rare to rare drop rate. Dominion staff now has unlimited elemental runes. Holy pet perk will now allow you reach a maximum prayer point of 1190. Moved 2 fishing spots on skiller island. Event spotlight will now change every 4 hours.