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    21st June 2020 New bank preset system - For a while now, our preset system has been sort of... 'bland' so we have a new one which you can see what your presets actually contain, with two quick load buttons. Trade all button - You've asked and we listened, a trade all button! Client work (PLEASE DOWNLOAD NEW CLIENT) - - Press 'esc' key to now close interfaces - Discord rich presence This now displays in your discord that you're playing Hydrix, please support us and turn on what game your playing! This displays what you're doing too, EG, skilling, AFKing, at home, etc.. Others: You cannot use Barrows teleports in wilderness anymore ;;Switchspells donor only ;;switchturmoil is now added Dungeoneering shop/teleport npc at ;;shops Summer event now live Dyed siesmic wands stats fixed