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  2. I assume the autumn partyhat :')
  3. Sooooooooooo....................... WHATS THE *JACKPOT* ?????????????????? Im just curious, i wana know .
  4. Nice suggestion but it's a big no from me on the drygore shard and t90 armour scales/dust/energies. Considering how you can donate for Autumn event tokens, it'd be an easy P2W and not only that, just stack away a lot of nex pieces, RC them on event and you can get yourself drygores and T90 armour in theory. I like how the list is looking but that's just over the top.
  5. The stacked special attack sound more like a bug than a feature. I'd rather see that fixed than overhaul KK completely because let's be real, it's still dropping Drygores. If you can kill it in T80 armour, hats off to you but he drops T90, that's a big leap so no, I'm against changing it.
  6. Google

    Update #124

    Fuck, now I have to do daily things.
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  8. +1 i like it, nice suggest bro, keep it up!
  9. +1 Id like to see different items like this in each seasonal event. A few more items could be like a dfs/visage, possibly medium-large lamps as a rare? Chance for a double roll, more tokens as a reward, barrows totem for rots tele, or runecoins?
  10. Autumn event reward suggestions People have been complaining about the autumn event rewards but few have given any input on what they would like to see added so far. I am here to step in and give you some of my suggestions. Feel free to give your opinion on them or even name alternatives. Tiers list Jackpot Very rare Rare Uncommon Common Suggestions x1 Sirenic scale/Tectonic energy/Malevolent energy - (very rare) x1-2 Any drygore shard - (very rare) x1 Temple of Light charge - (uncommon) x1 PvM key [level 3] - (very rare) x1 PvM key [level 2] - (rare) x1 PvM key [level 1] - (uncommon) x30 Steel bars/Gold bars/Mithril bars - (common) x20 Adamntite bars/Runite bars - (common) x1 Cannon piece - (uncommon) x1 Acid dye - (very rare) x1 Royal cannon piece - (rare) x1 Barrows totem - (rare) x1 Dryaxion key - (rare) x2 Overkill potion (4) - (rare) x250 runecoins - (rare) x2 Ancient bars - (uncommon) x50 Frost dragon bones - (common) x2 Slayer experience scroll - (uncommon) x1 Keepsake key - (rare) x1 Any pet perk, not including the 4% and 10% drop rate perks - (very rare) I know this suggestion might not be appreciated by all players as pet perks are supposed to mainly be a donation thing but I feel like only making them available through donations locks away a well developped piece of content to most players. To not influence donation items too much, i've categorized them in the very rare tier. x1 Uncut onyx - (uncommon) x1 Corrupted shard - (very rare) x1 Zenyte gem - (very rare) x5 Shards of Armadyl - (uncommon) x25 Grimy low tier herbs - (common) x25 Grimy high tier herbs - (uncommon) x2 Elite crystal keys - (uncommon) I'll be happy to see any input on the tiers too, it isn't easy trying to fit everything in just right!
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  12. Hydrix

    Update #124

    20th September 2019 Daily Challenges: Finally! Daily challenges are here! Everyday you will get a random challenge to complete which will reward you with an xp lamp & 10 points which can be spent in the new store! You can re-roll your challenge once per day by speaking to Daley at home. If you complete it then the follow day, you will get a new task. Rewards: Ore Bag: This can be used to store any type or unnoted ore. It has a capacity of 20 slots. Will also automatically store runes whilst mining. Clue Scroll Enhancer: Grants you an extra reward slot per clue scroll. Clue Scroll Casket. Supply Crates: Can be opened for random supplies/resources. Disclaimer: We intend to add many more rewards, so please let us know any suggestions. Others: Saradomin Owl is no longer a donator only pet. You can no longer spawn a pet in the Corporeal beast room. Removed prestige master shop option. Fixed a bug allowing coal to be removed from bag when empty. Clue scroll reward caskets have been renamed to "Clue Scroll Casket". Kalphite King special attack will no longer deal multiple hitsplats.
  13. This is gonna make people mad but what I feel like should be done is that killing him shouldn't be as hard as it is.. W/o Succubus Shield you die from his special attacks, and therefore have to pay 600K to get in again, kinda bogus.. With Succ shield you take 350 damage, but.. if another person is there with you, somehow you take 350x2, and so on, especially the other player, which should be fixed, because that's kinda broke if you ask me. People only use KK as a darting npc, yet the drops are V.Rare which is what 1/500+? The odds are kinda bad there. What I propose.. is that the special attack from KK shouldn't be a random hit.. it should be like a 5-10% chance out of its attack styles to even use, instead of it being 1/3 or 1/4 where he can do it 3-4 times in a row, and just make things ridiculous. When you go in and get spec'd 4-5x in a row and go home to not lose 5M+ or more on losing items and making KK be a complete money sink thats got no benefit plus an additional half mil to go back in, it's absurd. Quite honestly I'm surprised nobody else has complained about this yet. It's better if he can use his regular attacks for most of the fight plus the poison special more often than the 1-shot, or cap it where his 1 shot is 990 damage and not 1400 or so when wearing t80 armors or something. Players that wanna fight him regularly with the drop table he has, have no chance of killing him. When I say this, I mean for people that don't have endgame items.. because there's gonna be someone that will say "Oh hes ez to kill with tbow, sgb, git gud with ap3x armor" and tbh there isn't MANY people, more like a few that even have these items to begin with. So the summary of this suggestion, fix KK to where people can atleast have a chance to fight him and not have stacked special attacks when more people join the fight, and all that. Not sure what else to say on this but.. it's just an annoyance with the way it is lol
  14. Account pins would be nice but idk how many people will use it for the time it takes to create.
  15. Itsyaboi

    Random ideas

    Mixed feeling on most of these. Idk if I would want too many op familiars most of all... and others idk if they are actually needed.
  16. Itsyaboi

    Update #123

    Great to see a new season with new fancy rewads!!
  17. +1 More use from stuff in trivia store, maybe after so many points you could get mystery boxes of any kind, pet perk bosses or some other goods, possibly even dtd's since voting and certain events are the way to get em.
  18. The way I read into one of the error files i got from a crash was because of something about memory dumps? Not entirely sure what that means but it seems to happen every so often at any crucial moment in time.
  19. As i've told you, we're always investigating crashes. I do not crash and when i've given out test clients to the few who experience a crash it's either because they don't have updated java or we aren't getting an error. I can't fix something that can't be reproduced effectively. I recently fixed a few crashes that everyone was experiencing, but selective crashing is much harder to fix. I do my best to always to find out why.
  20. +1, I'd love to get some more use out of the points.
  21. Agree'd with player pin, although I think it could just be set so you cant move, trade, or do anything until you've entered your bank pin. As it stands now, if you have anything equipped or in your inventory, you can still trade those items, meaning if your account gets hacked, anything you're wearing or have in your inv can be taken!
  22. +1, once you get the food healing perk from the trivia store, the only thing to really get that benefits you is the small xp lamps Would definitely love to see some new items be added and make trivia something worth while to try for.
  23. I believe it'd be a good idea to either A; add new items to the existing trivia store, or B: make it so the items in the trivia store change every now and then, could be every week, or every month, depending on what everybody likes!
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  25. 1. Make it where other than the bank pin, there is a working player pin that's *NOT* like how the game works now. You need a player pin to log in but a regular bank pin as well for extra security. Also add where you cannot move, talk, or do absolutely anything in the game unless the player pin is confirmed. If it's a case of auto retaliation, you get tele'd home but still have to enter in your pin. Etc. I know we can or can't be prone to HaxX0rs or something but it's something. 2. I know crashing exists and I was told that textures would be an issue or what can cause it.. but there's 2 types of crashing.. Hard client crashing where the client exits out and a txt file is created in the folder you have your client, or desktop; or where it freezes the client fully without all the extra bits. I'm not sure how to fix this but it sucks when you go to ToL or doing a boss and you crash everytime. Maybe look into it and people send their crash files to @Hydrix and see if something cant be figured out?
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