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Update #90

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8th March 2018


Woodcutting Guild:

At the request of some OSRS fans we have added the Woodcutting guild from Zeah. You will need 60 Woodcutting to access the guild & is the best F2P location for woodcutting, it has the Redwood trees also! 

With ease of banking, the Woodcutting guild will make your skilling much easier & less click intensive.

Redwood trees can be cut at level 90 Woodcutting & the logs can either be burnt for the highest firemaking experience in-game or fletched into Redwood shields. We have set the requirement of making the shields to just 1 log allowing you to gain some of the best experience in-game.

Like OSRS you will have a hidden Woodcutting boost of +7 whilst in the area. This boost will still work at 99 & stack with summoning & perk boosts.


Vorago changes:

  • Enraged Vorago damage cap is now 1000.
  • Enraged Vorago can now hit 50% through prayer.
  • Enraged Vorago can now deflect 20% of your damage back on to you.




  • Advanced Gnome agility course has been added.
  • Fishing spots have been renamed to state the fish they contain.
  • You can now use the Sawmill Operator to turn logs into planks. The operator also sells some nails & cloth which ironman accounts have access to.
  • Added Mahogany & Teak trees to skiller island.
  • Rise of the Six chest has been reworked & fixed.
  • Players with 9B experience can now use the title "Experience Master".
  • Fixed a bug causing the Woodcutting perk to not trigger.
  • Fixed a bug not allowing people to use the "Lieutenant Commander" title regardless of meeting the requirement.
  • Removed Book of Movement from clue scroll rewards. Anyone with an existing book can click it to claim some coins, in return the book will destroy itself.
  • Winter tokens can no longer be traded.
  • Every wave after 60 in Calamity will now reward 15 points.
  • Dragon hunter lance now provides 25% boost instead of 20%.
  • Regular Barbarian course now works for Agility winter event.
  • Added Monkfish fishing to skiller island.
  • Added glassblowing pipe to general store.
  • Removed fireworks from general store.
  • You can now use pet perks on skilling pets.
  • Added some basic allotment seeds to farming store.
  • Added shop hub to Donator zone 2.
  • Silverhawk feathers now have a runecoin value of 1.
  • All Abyssal whips now have a runecoin value of 10.
  • Added magic bankpaper to Runecoin store.
  • You can no longer bank at Kalphite King.
  • Abyssal bludgeon now has the correct attack speed.
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Bit late on vorago changes lol. Good QOL though, +1 for that

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