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Update #86

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15th February 2018


Bloodhound pet:

The Bloodhound pet is unlocked once you've opened 500 clue scrolls. Examining the pet will display the owners clue scroll count.

If you already have 500 clue scrolls, then simply speak to the pet tamer to claim your Bloodhound.




  • Sunfreet combat script has been rewritten & updated.
  • Seren godbow now has +10% damage.
  • Seren godbow now has a devastating special attack.
  • Ironman accounts can now use the duel arena for friendly fights.
  • Twisted bow formula has been updated to reflect much closer to OSRS formula.
  • Drake special attack will now only damage it's target.
  • Increased cave horror spawns.
  • GwD instances now contain the minions.
  • Fixed a bug stopping Dark core from spawning in Corporeal beast instance.
  • Fixed a broken drop table.
  • Ganodermic flakes now have a "craft" option.
  • You can no longer take pets into the duel arena.
  • Removed the clan chat requirement for joining instances.
  • Anivia final phase has been reworked & will no longer double spawn.
  • Malevolent helmet inventory icon has been updated.
  • Malevolent helmet now degrades to broken.
  • Dying in pvm with a looting bag will no longer hide the contents.
  • A bug causing some drop rate buffs to provide more of a bonus than they're meant to has been resolved.
  • Fixed a bug causing pet perks to be lost when withdrawing with a full inventory.
  • Fixed Chamber of Xeric winter event.
  • Weekly override has been updated.

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