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Hydrix wall of Fame!

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How do you want to be remembered? Perhaps you wish to be remembered as the first person to max, or to comp?

Well we are giving you that opportunity today!


For those about to max, we salute you! And offer you the following prize for the first based on your xp mode.

Average: 3 Super donator boxes - Winner: Scouse

Hard: 4 Super donator boxes - Winner: Southier

Heroic: 5 Super donator boxes - Winner: Raphael


For those looking to complete that extra challenge and achieve the rank of completionist, we are offering you the following potential rewards.

Average: H'ween mask in a colour of your choice. - Winner: Itsyaboi

Hard: Santa hat in a colour of your choice (No black). - Winner: Ali

Heroic: Partyhat in a colour of your choice (No black or rainbow). - Winner: Raphael 


Proof must be verified by staff. This can either be done by them being online or taking a full screen picture including the clock. All contestants will be verified by Hydrix before the prize being given.


Good luck and may the xp be ever in your favour,


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what do i get for having one of the first accounts and first ever created ironman?

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