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  1. Mayumiki

    DR / bugs

    As Connor stated earlier today with the way his loot system works there is nothing to "know", drops don't have specific rates only pets do.
  2. Mayumiki

    DR / bugs

    My point exactly
  3. Mayumiki

    DR / bugs

    There is no point doing numerical values on drop because then when people don't get a drop in that range they complain. With the way it is now it shows what the chances are for the items he drops with common's being the most dropped and very rare being the least. I also dont like comparing bosses to each others cause of the fact every boss has their own drop tables. But the concept is the same for all bosses commons with be the higher dropped items to the very rare being the least. Also it's all based on rng so yeah just need to wish to the rng gods.
  4. Woot new event and I see my title got its update 1+ for me. Ps I like how you keep mixing up the events that give tokens
  5. So I was waiting for more of these to come in-game but this sword needs a buff/rework, I've talked to a couple people and the swords stats are great but right now it's just a glorified spec weapon. I was thinking maybe it should be the same as it was in the distant past hitting 2 times and maybe to balance it a little doing so is lowering the str a little on it. Right now as is if you own a scythe you will basically never use this t92 godsword
  6. Mayumiki


    +1 since all my skilling supplies are in my storage bank
  7. This is a lot of work and would have to be released in segments but it's basically everything I would like to see in prestiging. You have very valid points on the system. PS: with me personally I really want prestige to show on HS since I'm all about rank when I play most games.
  8. Mayumiki

    Master Capes

    So me being a dumbass and didn't see what raphael's original post was. I thought this was the post about the perks going into capes
  9. Mayumiki

    Update #91

    100 kc np I'll be done shortly 😉 nice update connor
  10. Mayumiki

    Raids titles

    Like the idea of adding but I'm just wondering isn't there like a max limit of title the server can have? Question is mainly directed at Connor
  11. Mayumiki

    Master Capes

    This has been wanted for almost half a year now, please let it just be a thing already :L
  12. So in my opinion I would rather see a rework of the donor amulet over a buff to the immense amulet and maybe change the magic damage around so the immense has the 14% the donor one does but the donor amulet is only good right now because of the attack stats it has right now with it majorly lacking in defence stat. The amulet is not cheap to buy so it needs to stay around the top tier items like the rest of the donor gear is. Ex t85, t87
  13. This I can agree/disagree with at the same time but when it comes to the t92 acc. you give up your lower tier things to wear these 2 items.
  14. I have to agree with this being on the top tier of pvm I have to at least repair once/twice a day. And looking at the cost of repairing as it is now is 205m in a full set of top tier gear which is a bit high
  15. Being that this is the longest/hardest title grind on the server I believe it should actually say Insane Final Boss, instead of just a colour change.