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    So I'm not sure why this was changed but I know it has been. Nex now drops 1-75 onyx bolts e and when i joined she dropped a straight 375, I'm suggesting this gets changed back http://prntscr.com/nqohhw here's me getting 1 and even on rs she has always dropped 375 http://prntscr.com/nqojl9.
  2. Mayumiki

    Update #100

    Day after I finish my trim comp this comes, I approve LOL
  3. Add mage damage % to the comp / trimmed comp I feel like this should be here in the first place and was just left out +1 Add caps on boss kc's to give more hydrix points (1500, 2000, 2500, etc) +1 but don't increase the amount of hydrix points given Add the uber donator boxes to the donator store, No just no Make pet boxes give pet perks only, give another option to get pets This doesn't bother me to much Make instances have the ability to change spawn time (GWD atleast) (theirs already enough pieces in the eco now for that to not damage it) +1 Give staff of sliske a spec (Similar to its rs3 spec) +1 Add different lamp variants to the trivia store (When it releases) +1 Give the ability to swap drygore main hands into offhands (For a fee) -1
  4. Fix defender of Hydrix title (Make it look better) +1 Add a double drops aura -1 Rather keep this to a event thing only Add a lava flow mining tile to dz5 -1 Just don't like this idea tbh, I've never done flow to level Give the ability to swap totem pieces for other pieces +1 After i have 50 of ea piece besides top please Make ancient slayer shards tradeable -1 we just got a new way to earn these Add a prayer renewal 10 minute perk (Or add it to one true potion) +1 This should be part of the perk so it can 1 dose can be used for ea Make the donator cape further upgradable -1 legendary is right under comp so further upgrades would make it pass comp Make Celestia, Defender of sliske respawn quicker +1 I'd like sorter boss spawns for all the bosses but I can't be to picky Fix the max hit dummy being able to be killed / moved with nox scythe spec +/- 1 This doesn't bug me at all Give x1000 runes the ability to exchange all at once +1 Great QOL Fix hair clipping through item model issues. +1 Sure why not
  5. Mayumiki

    Update #97

    Nice little update
  6. This has been brought up before and I believe it was to difficult for our revision
  7. Mayumiki

    A New crossbow?

    Not many people have ascension cbows so until they start coming into the game this would be pointless
  8. This falls under the same problem as keepsaking comp I would love to see it doubt it will come to be though
  9. Scorpia does have a pet
  10. This probably won't happen but i guess it would be kinda nice, idk I don't do raids anymore
  11. escape to close interfaces would be nice other two i don't care to much about
  12. Mayumiki

    Update #95

    Like the wild part of the update, been waiting for that for awhile now.
  13. Mayumiki

    Update #96

    So does this mean we can also make our own without buying them?
  14. +1 +1 +1 Justiciar isn't better then malv, only has higher defence +1 +1 +1 Sure I never got the helm so idk what's wrong with it I don't mind the staff only having unlimited ele runes Haven't done the event Doesn't matter to me +1 +1 +1 Didn't play when things wear aug'd +1
  15. This is a nice idea but I can't see it being implemented being there aren't many clans/players to make this worth the resources/time.