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  1. KK is arguably one of the most dtd'd bosses, which brings in alot of drygores to the game due to that, as mentioned the tbow isnt needed to do vorago, it's just a viable technique to solo. Celestia hasn't even had her items put on here yet so that is COMPLETELY unrelated. And with the virtus boots/gloves I agree, ganodermic I do not, it's still op hybrid armour and usually has alot of demand, the update to the price guide will be hopefully soon but I can't confirm as the way the forums works is scuffed.
  2. From borrowing the weapon and using it, couldn't agree more. +1
  3. The max cape and comp cape (and trimmed) should all have the ability to combine 104m capes with them so you can use each of the perks, like in rs3. That is all.
  4. Scouse

    Raids titles

    Impliment it for the rest of the bosses and add a new npc to hold all the boss kc title. Ez +1 tho.
  5. Scouse

    Master Capes

    Don't see why not. +1
  6. Kind of agree, I think the immense power items shouldn't require a repair considering the large amount of money that goes into making them in the first place.
  7. If I did the grind for that reward I'd probably end up swallowing my own dick. Pls fix.
  8. Make a even better upgrade of the slayer helm available to us by using 100 ancient crystals on a corrupted slayer helm. Cheers boss.
  9. Scouse

    Update #90

    Thanks for the quality update as usual bossman.
  10. Updated: Added Vorkath and Hydra drops Added t92's with prices Added jewellery of immense power Removed spirit bloom due to it being untradable Fixed the prices of off-hand drygores. Credit to Raphael for editing the post.
  11. Malev - Mindless grind dead content, get a totem, fight a difficult "boss" Sirenic - Shoot spider.
  12. Got it all in a notepad, just need a forum moderator to add ontop of it, should be soon, the guide will be updated once every 2 weeks - a month
  13. OFFICIAL PRICE GUIDE I'm making a new Price Guide as players are complaining that the current one isn't reflecting the economy anymore. The prices in this guide are just to set people an estimate of the price and will eventually get affected by more of the items coming in game. Template stolen, I mean borrowed from @Raphael NOTES: $1 US has been valued around 30m in-game. 1000 Donator Tokens has veen valued around 25m in-game. 1000 hydrix points has been valued around 1m in-game. Skilling Resources such as ores, logs, herbs and etc are usually valued around their examine prices. PvM Key [level 1]: 8M PvM Key [level 2]: 12M PvM Key [level 3]: 40M Community Key: 50M Community Chest: 10M Keepsake Key: 50M Dryaxion Key: 15M Crystal Key: 1.5M Runecoins: 200K ea Pet Perk [1% drop rate boost]: 20M Pet Perk [2% drop rate boost]: 80M Pet Perk [4% drop rate boost]: 200M Pet Perk [10% drop rate boost]: 700M Pet Perk [+5 slayer points]: 20M Pet Perk [+7 slayer points]: 50M Pet Perk [+10 slayer points]: 100M Pet Perk [1% xp boost]: 20M Pet Perk [2% xp boost]: 50M Pet Perk [4% xp boost]: 100M Pet Perk [1% max hit boost]: 40M Pet Perk [2% max hit boost]: 80M Pet Perk [3% max hit boost]: 160M Pet Perk [+5% PvM hydrix points]: 20M Pet Perk [+7% PvM hydrix points]: 50M Pet Perk [+10% PvM hydrix points]: 100M Pet Perk [Increased elite crystal keys]: 75M Pet Perk [Anti-poison]: 50M Pet Perk [Anti-fire]: 50M Uncut (cut) Onyx: 6M Abyssal whip: 5M Culinaromancer's Gloves 10: 5M Amulet of fury: 5M Ring of wealth: 20M Fighter Torso: 10M Dark Bow: 5M Master Wand: 5M Dragon Hatchet: 10M Dragon Pickaxe: 10M Warrior Ring: 15M Seers' Ring: 15M Archers' Ring: 15M Berserker Ring: 15M Void Knight Mage Helm: 10M Void Knight Melee Helm: 10M Void Knight Ranger Helm: 10M Void Knight Top: 10M | Elite Void Knight Top: 60M Void Knight Robe: 10M | Elite Vod Knight Robe: 60M Void Knight Gloves: 10M Dharok's Helm: 5M Dharok's Platebody: 5M Dharok's Platelegs: 5M Dharok's Greataxe: 5M Verac's Helm: 5M Verac's Brassard: 5M Verac's Plateskirt: 5M Verac's Flail: 5M Torag's Helm: 5M Torag's Platebody: 5M Torag's Platelegs: 5M Torag's Hammer: 5M Guthan's Helm: 5M Guthan's Platebody: 5M Guthan's Chainskirt: 5M Guthan's Warspear: 5M Ahrim's Hood: 5M Ahrim's Robe Top: 5M Ahrim's Robe Skirt: 5M Ahrim's Staff: 5M Karil's Coif: 5M Karil's Top: 5M Karil's Skirt: 5M Karil's Crossbow: 5M Bandos Chestplate: 40M Bandos Tasset: 40M Bandos Boots: 20M Bandos Godsword: 70M Armadyl Helmet: 20M Armadyl Chestplate: 40M Armadyl Chainskirt: 40M Armadyl Godsword: 100M Hood of Subjugation: 20M Garb of Subjugation: 40M Gown of Subjugation: 40M Zamorak Godsword: 100M Zamorakian Spear: 15M Staff of the Dead: 50M Saradomin Godsword: 100M Saradomin's Sword: 15M Armadyl Crossbow: 80M Saradomin's Hiss: 40M Saradomin's Murmur: 40M Saradomin's Whisper: 40M Vesta's Chainbody: 10M Vesta's PlateSkirt: 10M Vesta's Spear: 15M Vesta's Longsword: 10M Statius' Full Helm: 10M Statius' Platebody: 10M Statius' Platelegs: 10M Statius' Warhammer: 10M Zuriel's Hood: 10M Zuriel's Robe Top: 10M Zuriel's Robe Bottom: 10M Zuriel's Staff: 10M Morrigan's Coif: 10M Morrigan's Leather Body: 10M Morrigan's Leather Chaps: 10M Ganodermic Visor: 30M Ganodermic Poncho: 75M Ganodermic Leggings: 45M Torva Full helm: 100M Torva Platebody: 200M Torva Platelegs: 200M Torva Gloves: 70M Torva Boots: 70M Pernix Cowl: 100M Pernix Body: 200M Pernix Chaps: 175M Pernix Gloves: 70M Pernix Boots: 70M Zaryte Bow: 300M Virtus Mask: 100M Virtus Robe Top: 150M Virtus Robe Legs: 150M Virtus Gloves: 70M Virtus Boots: 70M Virtus Wand: 100M Virtus Book: 75M Dragonbone Mage Hat: 75M Dragonbone Robe Top: 200M Dragonbone Robe Bottoms: 125M Dragonbone Mage Gloves: 50M Dragonbone Mage Boots: 50M Dragonbone Full Helm 75M Dragonbone Platebody: 200M Dragonbone Platelegs: 125M Dragonbone Gloves: 50M Dragonbone Boots: 50M Nictate Mask: 150M Nictate Body: 425M Nictate Legs: 300M Dagon'hai Hat: 150M Dagon'hai Robe Top: 425M Dagon'hai Robe Bottom: 300M Wild Warhammer: 350M Wild Full Helm: 150M Wild Platebody: 425M Wild Platelegs: 300M Ancestral Hat: 175M Ancestral Robe Top: 600M Ancestral Robe Bottom: 450M Justiciar Faceguard: 400M Justiciar Chestguard: 850M Justiciar Legguards: 600M Malevolent Energy: 40M Malevolent Helm: 560M Malevolent Cuirass: 1680M Malevolent Greaves: 1120M Sirenic Scales: 35M Sirenic Mask: 490M Sirenic Hauberk: 1470M Sirenic Chaps: 980M Tectonic Energy: 15M Tectonic Mask: 210M Tectonic Robe Top: 630M Tectonic Robe Bottom: 420M Brutal Whip: 75M Korasi's Sword: 10M Staff of Light: 10M Polypore Staff: 5M Abyssal Vine Whip: 15M Dragon Warhammer: 200M Dragonfire Shield: 20M Wyvern Visage: 200M Skeletal Visage: 200M Dragon Claws: 100M Royal Crossbow parts: 25M Onyx Bolts (e) (1000x): 20M Hydrix Bolts (1000x): 10M Ascension Bolts (1000x): 10M Dragon Darts (1000x): 1M Zulrah Scales (1000x): 3M Cannonballs (1000x): 2.5M Cannon Barrels: 40M Cannon Base: 40M Cannon Furnace: 40M Cannon Stand: 40M Royale Cannon Barrels: 100M Royale Cannon Base: 100M Royale Cannon Furnace: 100M Royale Cannon Stand: 100M Magic Fang: 80M Kraken Tentacle: 50M Abyssal Tentacle: 60M Toxic Blowpipe: 225M Trident of the Seas: 80M Trident of the Swamp: 160M Serpentine Helmet: 70M Toxic Staff of the Dead: 150M Heavy Balista: 150M Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 400M Twisted Bow: 6B - 8B Twisted Buckler: 300M Elder Maul: 1B - 1.5B Kodai Wand: 400M Abyssal Bludgeon: 180M Abyssal Dagger: 85M Fortem Dagger: 150M Glacies Dagger: 80M Curare Dagger: 100M Viggora's Chainmace: 225M Thammaron's Sceptre: 100M Craw's Bow: 150M Corrupted Shard: N/A Corrupted Hand Cannon: N/A Promethium Rapier: 350M Promethium Longsword: 350M Promethium Maul: 350M Anger Sword: 350M Anger Spear: 400M Anger Mace: 400M Devourer Cape: 200M Ghrazi Rapier: 1.5B - 2B Sanguinesti Staff: 3B - 4B Scythe of Vitur: 8B - 10B Avernic Defender: 450M Noxious Longbow: 1.5B Noxious Scythe: 2B Noxious Staff: 1.5B Drygore Rapier: 1.25B Drygore Rapier off-hand: 1.25B Drygore Longsword: 1.2B Drygore Longsword off-hand: 1.2B Drygore Mace: 1.2B Drygore Mace off-hand: 1.2B Seismic Wand: 800M - 1B Seismic Singularity: 500M - 650M Ascension Crossbow: N/A Ascension Crossbow off-hand: N/A Seren Godbow: 4.5 - 5.5B Zaros Godsword: 4 - 5B Steadfast Boots: 50M Ragefire Boots: 35M Glaiven Boots: 40M Primordial Boots: 150M Eternal Boots: 150M Pegasian Boots: 150M Glaiven Tip: 200M Steadfast Scale: 250M Ragefire Gland: 200M Fortitudo Cristallum Boots: 800M Magus Cristallum Boots: 800M Proiectum Cristallum Boots: 800M Atrocious Demon Gloves: 100M Loathsome Gloves: 90M Malicious Demon Gloves: 90M Ferocious Gloves: 120M Hydra claw: 450M Dragon Hunter Lance: 450m-500m Bellator Gloves: 600M Visurus Gloves: 600M Iuvenis Gloves: 400M Holy Elixir: 40M Spirit Shield: 10M Blessed Spirit Shield: 50M Spectral Spirit Shield: 90M Arcane Spirit Shield: 180M Elysian Spirit Shield: 200M - 225M Divine Spirit Shield: 300M Succubus Spirit Shield: 500M Invocation Spirit Shield: 450M Adept Spirit Shield: 1B Malevolent Kiteshield: 300m Vengeful Kiteshield: 300m Merciless Kiteshield: 300m Zenyte Shard: 200M Necklace of Anguish: 180M Amulet of Torture: 180M Ring of Suffering: 180M Tormented Bracelet: 180M Blood Amulet of Fury: 30M Amulet of Orison: 1B Amulet of Protection: 1B Amulet of Brutality: 1B Tyrannical Ring: 80M Hydrix Gem: 300M Ring of Death: 300M Amulet of Soul: 300M Brimstone Ring: 100M Amulet of Eternal Glory: N/A Dragonbone Necklace: 40m Amulet of Perfection: 625M Donator Ring: 375M Donator Cloak: 375M Donator Boots: 375M Donator Gloves: 375M Scroll of Enhancement: 50M Ring of Wealth (i): 70M Donator Ring (i): 425M Ring of Immense Power: 3B Amulet of Immense Power: N/A Third-age Full Helmet: 100M Third-age Platebody: 100M Third-age PlateLegs: 100M Third-age KiteShield: 100M Third-age Mage Hat: 100M Third-age Robe Top: 100M Third-age Robe: 100M Third-age Amulet: 100M Third-age Range Coif: 100M Third-age Range Top: 100M Third-age Range Legs: 100M Third-age Vambraces: 100M Third-age Druidic Wreath: 150M Third-age Druidic Robe Top: 150M Third-age Druidic Robe: 150M Third-age Druidic Cloak: 150M Third-age Druidic Staff: 150M Acid Dye: 200M | Blood Dye: 400M Normal H'ween Masks: 400M Custom H'ween Masks: 600M Santa Hat: 500M Custom Santa Hats: 750M Lava Santahat: 800M Green Santa Hat: N/A Black Santa Hat: 2500M Normal Partyhats: 1400M Custom Partyhats: 2B Lava Partyhat: N/A Black Partyhat: 5B Rainbow Partyhat: 6250M Limited Edition Partyhats: 7500M +
  14. Loot grabber - (runecoin shop item?) able to put 3-5 things onto it that automatically get picked up when dropped, could run off charges. Potentially make a upgradable version so you can combine with charming imp and bone crusher? Aggression potions - Speaks for itself really, c'mon sort yourself out. Add a new mage affinity boss, not enough of them. Duo iron man. Maybe add the level 92 armours from rs3?
  15. Oi I put it in guides, sort it out boys.