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  1. KK is do-able Vorago doesn't require a tbow, just a team without it. Celestia only requires pray flicking, you can kill it naked. Virtus isn't useless, people just don't want to make the step to Virtus before Tectonic.
  2. Google

    DR / bugs

    If numerical values were to be added, as Mayu said, people will complain. For example, if Bandos Tassets are 1/32 and you kill 64 and get none, complaints. If someone else kills 32 and gets 2 tassets, complaints.
  3. Give me a link so I can say I've successfully helped you be a balder man than you were. Also, if the beard is going, I'll cry tears of joy.
  4. Prestiging being shown on Hiscores would be 1 thing that gives people incentive. I agree that more needs to be added but some smaller things could be released alongside maybe?
  5. Google


    Could pre-sets be made so they can grab items from both banks? I got everything prepared for 360M Herblore but since Dream logs are in storage and overloads in bank 1, the pre-set doesn't load correctly. It can't fetch items from the other bank. If this isn't possible, could we maybe get noted overloads/ dream logs? Many thanks
  6. Google

    Update #91

    Time to farm a new boss when I'm not working! 😄
  7. 100% agree. There however should be a cap on how many capes you can use on Max/ Comp & trimmed comp. Since they're all harder to get in that order anyway, more perks per cape would be nice.
  8. Google

    Master Capes

    Actually quite usefull +1
  9. Google

    Raids titles

    +1 Would be nice to see this implemented for other bosses too.
  10. An upgraded slayer helm after the upgraded version of the upgraded version? +1
  11. Supply and demand probably
  12. Google

    Update #90

    That's a lot of bugfixes Nice work man
  13. You mean like a reference link or code? For example ::ref Fewbs? I can support that tbh, just a small something to get them going
  14. Google

    Update #89

    Triggered AF I like it