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  1. Google

    Update #116

    Awesome update and Congratulations btw
  2. Welcome to the server amigo 🙂
  3. This is also useful for the lazy ones like me 🙂
  4. Google


    +1 again
  5. Google

    Kc interface

    +1 would be nice to see updated 😄
  6. Google

    Update #114

    Time to find out what this event holds :D!
  7. Google

    Update #113

    Now this is something big I can get behind! Nice work man!
  8. This is a nice ass mix to wake up with tbh
  9. Next level dead-post digging
  10. Google


    Nice trailer :D!
  11. +1, this way you don't always lose it in wildy.
  12. Google

    120 Slayer cape

    I'd much prefer 5 different bosses I can manually add/delete and re-add than having a set list which is hardly used tbh.
  13. Google

    Update #112

    More incentive to vote & some nice looks on those imbued items, nice work man!