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  1. Hello everyone! I'm interested in hearing about what type of videos you all would like to see from me. Any ideas are welcome, as I would like to produce the content most interesting to you all! Please leave a comment regarding your idea, and a brief explanation of it. I Will do everything I can to make it a reality.
  2. ~~ The Winners & Their Rewards ~~ 1. Whirlwind - Third Age Melee (Top & Bottom) 2. Tansee - Steadfast Boots & Boots of Brimstone 3. Creative - Pet Mystery Box Contact me in-game or on discord via pm for your rewards! IGN - Bank Account Discord - lysdexic#2999
  3. Small issue when uploaded the first time, here's the new link 😄 -
  4. Bank Account

    First Video!

    Hey everyone, I've uploaded my very first video onto YouTube! If interested in checking it out here's the link! - Please keep in mind that this is my first video, and quality improvements will surely be made! Thank you all for watching!
  5. Bank Account

    Update #89

    Well done. Extremely excited for the new events!