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  1. Yeah... Thanks 🙂
  2. Happy Slaps

    Update #104

    Love it! Awesome update 🙂 Keep up the great work!
  3. I need my legendary rank plz 🙂 only 2 more to go 😉
  4. +1 +1 +1 i suppose eh on this one, i kinda like the boxes giving pets too, allows randomness +1 but maybe like if not daily 7, then maybe a 5m per hour? or some equivilent for that +1 +1 maybe just small xp lamp, so we can choose, it'll make coding it cleaner and easier 🙂 -1 for this one, this demotes killing KK (Although tough) also, Add stats to Ancient Slay helm as it has no offensive or defensive bonuses 🙂 Thanks!
  5. Happy Slaps

    Update #98

    Nice Little QoL update 🙂 Thanks for all the work you put in @Hydrix 🙂 ❤️
  6. I believe the afk timer resets your daily perks instead of not giving points.
  7. +1 -1 unless it's added to a random loot pool, considering this can be pretty eco busting +1 -1 this would demote slaying in catacombs +1 this helps players who have achieved the 3 ancient shard items, it allows them to help other players ugrade, and make a little gp on the side 😄 +1 adding this to one true potion would be awesome 🙂 +1 considering that the jump from 100$ to 500$/1000$ for vip and sponsor cape, this would be pretty fair +1 I assume this is brought up because its slow, but i'm not 100% sure on her spawn times +1 please 😄 +1000 This is a simple fix huge payoff 😄 +1 Personal Preference, but I understand this one 🙂, also remove all "razors" from helmets since equipping certain helms removes beard options on male character models
  8. If you make a 2 tick crossbow, wouldn't ruby bolts become OP? Also on the first part of your post " if a new crossbow wouldnt be added becuase the other weapons are too op just means that noone should ever use crossbows" Thats like saying just because Scythe has better stats i should use it at every boss right? Scythe has a niche use, I feel like crossbows do too, they have their uses vs other weapons, first off being 1 handed vs 2, using an antifire shield (if you dont have the perk) for dragons, or using a ely + crossbow is pretty nice too 😛 or you could even argue using offhand ccb, but they have their uses, just not as many as blowpipe / twisted bow / Seren godbow.
  9. Happy Slaps

    Update #97

    Awesome Update! 😄 alot of good bugs fixed, Keep it up! ❤️
  10. Can it be made possible for the royal crossbow to shoot ruby bolts (e)? It can shoot diamond (e) bolts atm, and considering how much work goes into getting it / also being a comp requirement, lacking the ammo types makes this crossbow inferior to its weaker chaotic version.
  11. I'm not sure if this is just me, but the baby dragons you get from the pet boxes (AkA the color ones green, red, blue, and black) seem large and clunky once they're fully grown and a little too... OsRs? Is there a way to maybe, update them to look like their dragon forms ingame? they don't really seem to fit the style that the server has. This can help breathe life into an old item, and give use to a "useless" pet donor box reward. Let me know what you all think! 😄
  12. When you keepsake the Clan Cloak and Vexillium, it doesn't show your clans colors, or chosen icons for the clan. It's based on ;;costumecolour, is there a way to make it match while being able to keepsake these items? I think this can help promote voting for keepsake keys *cough*anddonatingfor2kdonortokens*cough* 😄 and it can help the clans feel like a clan 🙂 Just a Small suggestion 🙂 Thanks for readin
  13. There are decent crossbows in the game: Mutated Blowpipe is +90 Range Att and +80 Range Strength Chaotic Crossbow is +120 Range Att and Range Strength is based on your ammo type Royal Crossbow is +130 Range Att and Range Strength is based on ammo type but (Limited to Diamond Bolts (e), ruby bolts cannot be used, not sure if its normally like that) Chaotic Crossbow (i) is +150 Range Att and Range Strength is based on ammo At the moment, the only reason crossbows feel inferior to the Blowpipe / Seren Godbow / Twisted Bow is because Blowpipe outspeeds any crossbow, so it outdamages with smaller, faster hits, and Seren Godbow / Twisted Bow of course, just solely outdamage all range weapons, so i feel like even if another crossbow were to be added, no-one would use it, unless it had an increase chance at bolt spec chance. There is a big range difference missing from Mutated Blowpipe to Seren Godbow though, I wouldn't consider a crossbow to be added, but maybe another weapon? (Plz no Ak-47, glock, or minigun comments 😄 ) Sorry for the long post! :D
  14. +1 I highly reccomend this, as there are times I've been doing slayer and High alching the drops, and i worry about misclicking items, it doesn't seem significant, but remember, it doesn't suck until it happens to you 😉
  15. Happy Slaps

    Update #96

    Awesome QoL Update! Keep it up 😄 ❤️