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  1. Lovely topic Chris.
  2. Yeah looking back at my suggestion, I'd rather move onto your proposal of what you'd like to see instead of the immense amulet being buffed 😛
  3. Pvm

    Raids titles

    500 of each osrs raid so, chambers of xerics & theatre of blood would reward you with the tile: Raids Master 500 kill count at Theatre of Blood raids would reward you with the title: Of Justiciar 250 kill count at Theatre of Blood raids would reward you with the title: First Blood 500 kill count at Chambers of Xerics would reward you with the title: Of the Chambers 250 kill count at Chambers of Xerics would reward you with the title: Of Tekton Reason I wanted to suggest this is simply because I feel like we should see some sort of milestone reward titles in-game towards the two osrs raids. Why? Well why not? You aim for loot and some of the player may want to aim for title? 😄 Credits to, Sam & Scouse for assisting me with the title names so thank you very much for the help you two. 🙂 Voice your opinions whether you'd like to see this in-game as title rewards or not 😛
  4. So yesterday, I was kindly approached by Mayumiki and was asked to compare the amulet to the purchasable $ amulet of perfection. I was slightly confused as I was told the amulet more so aimed towards the melee side making it bis for that but after being told by Connor himself that shouldn't be the case I've come to the conclusion that the Amulet of Immense Power should truly be BIS even over the amulet of perfection and you can probably guess the reasons as to why. 😛 Once we compared them I just assumed it was for melee / defence amulet so I asked around and got told the same, so I sent Hydrix a message asking if this was true and he said not really so this suggestion is just merely asking for a buff for the immense amulet making it truly worthwhile grinding out. Thank you, Giacobbe aka Justiciar The Dog
  5. Exactly what I was thinking yesterday so defo +1 for that 😛
  6. Issue with that is I use high tier items to solo the bosses that I do I.e TOB, Kalphite king, Nex etc. My main point is just focused on the ROIP and AOIP if it was truly up to me I'd rather they not degrade at all seeing as I spent 2b total on them in fees to make + spent some time getting them...
  7. So after owning the ROIP And the AOIP, I've come to a conclusion that's it's terrifyingly hard to keep paying 50m for the pair alone daily for repairs. So I don't like to imagine what one without the perk would feel having to make 100m to repair both. My suggestion isn't just for these two items it's for a few others reducing the costs from 35m to 15m for t90s as well as possibly 17.5m for t92's (includes the ROIP and AOIP) if 17.5m is a no no why not just 20m instead. 🙂 Thanks, Giacobbe
  8. Pvm

    Pvm's Goals

    So as I'm unable to edit my post and I don't see the point in commenting on it to update peeps I've made a Level / Justiciar goals sort of thing instead for ease. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wIE3Q0-00twFF4iSuBoopzUAvXHfHie2afqOqR_IPf0/edit#gid=0 🙂 Jake
  9. +1 I tend not to really care about these things but, I see where Ryan and Raph are coming from so yeah...
  10. Pvm

    Pvm's Goals

    Post edit - only goal i am going for atm is 1000 tob now. I have completed some but I cannot edit my post so yeah. 🙂 400/1000
  11. Would like this so here +1 for it much more realistic none the less tops to Raph though 😉
  12. Pvm

    Update #88 - QOL

    Lovely update my boy 🙂 Giacobbe
  13. I joined Hydrix back in the end of June and I’ve had such an amazing time being here without a doubt. I first met my best friend online who’s known to some as Amnees or as I like to call him Ammy. Me and him have had our ups and our downs but what’s most important is we always stuck together no matter what. Over all my time here at Hydrix has had the same effect, I’ve had my ups and my downs with some of you. In the end I get over it and move on. Connor has been a spectacular Owner and I’ve truthfully never met an Infant like him before. Same goes for the rest of the staff team and Level 1 and Google of course (I prefer Bing though). Over my time at Hydrix it really meant something to me when I got offered a support role for showing dedication, honesty and kindness / support towards players who could be hard at times. Above all when I got promoted to Moderator I was literally in shock and thought to myself for sometime why me? And it certainly has hit me as to why… You know I’ve set myself goals which cannot achieve what I’ve already achieved by myself and the assistance of others, such as the release of TOB, yes I did do it with some teams and we obtained some really lovely loot. At the end of the day I still keep these positive memories someplace safe. With all that being said, yes I am retiring today and I wish Connor and his wonderful Staff Team all the best and to not give up. As well as a personal message to Connor who should keep providing the work he’s done for us and to all the donators who regularly donate should keep going so we can all create new experiences in the future! I do currently suffer from mental health issues which is the main reason why I’m retiring but, do not let this bring you guys down like it does with me, if you don’t fight it you will never be happy and proud of what to expect in the future.