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  1. Zony

    Update #116

    QOL is my favorite type of update, huge ups on the slayer portal update
  2. Zony


    +1 even though I feel like custom Auras should overtake the lame regular ones
  3. I wish you the very best of luck on your pking journey sir, I will be very impressed if you can get pking active
  4. Zony

    Level pop-up

    Interesting suggestion, not sure how many people would jump on board with it but I am definitely interested in seeing who does. Not value added in my opinion but I guess an extremely random QOL won't change anything I do
  5. Zony

    Update #113

    Great way to revamp the system. Looks worthwhile and the armor is interesting. Pets are always a fan favorite and someone even suggested barrows pets, this is a good compromise from boring ass normal barrows. Nice!
  6. #plug OT: Solid work, reminds of music I would listen to in middle school tbh, 10/10 reminisce. Not super over the top, nice flow. Edit: As long as you don't make anything like soundcloud's permanent suggestion for me "Neon Mix Vol 4" by Dion Timmer, you will be a champ in my book. Absolutely hurts my eardrums.
  7. 2 Reasons I Can't Support: Cheap, effective money sink. Protects a slayer area that people can very easily hoard mobs in.
  8. Zony

    120 Slayer cape

    I think it could with the right implementation. Obviously like google and I said, adding everything would just be way too OP but if you have a certain amount you can add for a shit ton of slayer points that would be a cool change. Even if you are limited to 5 total additions for your cape
  9. Zony

    Update #112

    Chaotic longsword (i) getting special attention these days. Moving up in the world. Love the vote store!
  10. Zony

    Update #111

    Bug fix and QOL grind lately is top tier
  11. Zony

    120 Slayer cape

    I like this idea because I also agree with Whirlwind. I think having everything is way too op. Maybe 500-1k slayer points per addition. Or even more?
  12. Zony

    Update #110

    Calamity been getting these nice QOL's 🙂
  13. Zony

    Update #107

    Amazing update, not sure how I missed it. Research table change is huge, and CLS (i) +1000 no more invis weps lol Calamity and spins QOL 😄
  14. Zony

    Update #109

    Like the interface, interesting money sink. Gambling was unexpected but +1 for that
  15. Zony

    Update #106

    big +1 for some QOL, ill check out the new home as soon as I can!