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  1. Zony

    Update #90

    Bit late on vorago changes lol. Good QOL though, +1 for that
  2. Was just sayin is all. Makes more sense that malev is less lol
  3. Yet more people have malev...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. Zony

    Update #89

    Soon we will have an event trigger that triggers all events that can be triggered. DoItForTheTrigger
  5. Still surprised malev is more than Sirenic with more malev in game
  6. Zony

    Update #88 - QOL

    Lovely QOL as always
  7. I second what Scouse said. +1
  8. Good QOL. I don't see why this can't get implemented. +1
  9. I throw in a +1 for pvp tournaments that have specific gear setups. That was my only criticism for the last pvp tournament, just a "who can farcast the best" tournament. Duo ironman would be a pointless addition to the game though. Wouldn't be used enough.
  10. Can't tell if serious or not lol. Sounds like nonsense 😂 If there really will be a playtime pet or something like that it should be a loyalty point purchase.
  11. Zony

    Dobble Goggle

    I agree with everyone that prestiging needs a bit of a rework since right now the only people that farm prestiges are average and easy xp normal accounts due to how easy it is for both of them. The boss definitely needs a loot table rework since its just useless. Not sure how the whole "each prestige unlocks a new boss" would be a good idea since, like I said before, average and easy xp would have no effort in getting to those prestige levels. I would say an overall loot table rework with each prestige giving you bonus droprate at the boss. In that case, easy xp accounts would get the bonus droprate faster, but heroic accounts would end up with the best droprate since they have a better base droprate. The barrows totems definitely should not drop from the brothers on top of the hills, and I think getting a totem for every daily is just too easy. Maybe an overall increase in totem droprate but adding it to daily event would make malevolent easy. The sponsor idea I think its good, but probably would be best to not make a bunch of infinite resources no matter what your donation amount is. Maybe an infinite magic tree, and a cool cosmetic aura, but certainly not infinite runite and ancient ore etc.
  12. I can only really play on Sunday but I will try to participate, sounds fun
  13. Heroic takes too long plz fix ty
  14. Ironman is too hard plz fix ty
  15. Zony

    Update #83

    Quality of life updates look great as always. New minigame concept seems awesome, will definitely try it out today! Back boys 🙂