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  1. Zony

    Update #106

    big +1 for some QOL, ill check out the new home as soon as I can!
  2. Zony


    ;;ticket should be more visible, maybe a popup interface rather than a single line of white text. too hard to see if you are actually playing immunity during first 8 seconds of tele'ing to assassin (to counter the 1 hit mechanic) make ironman able to use spins (no real point in making this non-iron exclusive??). or. make. spins. skip. slayer. tasks. or. make. 5. spins. skip. boss. tasks.
  3. Zony


    Sponsor + Support
  4. Add mage damage % to the comp / trimmed comp I feel like this should be here in the first place and was just left out +1 Add caps on boss kc's to give more hydrix points (1500, 2000, 2500, etc) +1 but I agree with Mayumiki on not increasing hydrix points. Add the uber donator boxes to the donator store -1 Make pet boxes give pet perks only, give another option to get pets. +1, and increase rarity slightly on the top perks Make instances have the ability to change spawn time (GWD atleast) (theirs already enough pieces in the eco now for that to not damage it) +1 Give staff of sliske a spec (Similar to its rs3 spec) +1 Add different lamp variants to the trivia store (When it releases) +1 for small, medium, large, huge if that's what you mean. Give the ability to swap drygore main hands into offhands (For a fee) -1, no point to this really since you can choose from the shard.
  5. +1 +1, but has to be donator aura not loyalty points aura +1 +1, also make loop halves researchable into tooth halves -1, no need for that. Fix current content then QOL for ancient shards to have use. Maybe make it charge something. +1 +100, but have to ensure trimmed comp is better than sponsor donator cape. Should also be worse than reg comp cape. So buff completionist cape and then buff trimmed comp on top of that to make trimmed comp BIS. +1 +1 +1 +1 but thats definitely low priority
  6. Zony

    Update #97

    Safe alch for the clueless lads
  7. Zony

    Easy Shit

    also, runecoiner should put runecoins in inventory not on the ground
  8. Zony

    Easy Shit

    potion decanter should be able to choose what dose potion you decant to royal cbow should only fire royal bolts
  9. Zony

    A New crossbow?

    cant support another cbow
  10. Esc button to close shit I support tbh I know nothing about RS3 Crossbows shouldn't be buffed, but maybe add a top tier crossbow variant?
  11. Way too much stuff to rework and fix etc to implement citadels that will be used for a week.
  12. Zony

    Assassin Rework.

    Top DPS guaranteed drop: Support World Boss > Normal Boss Change: Support, but make the drops way harder to get. -We have a few world bosses now and I don't see lots of value added by having them be world bosses when randos get the drops. -Problem with normal bosses though, is that one person can fight them at a time. Milestones for guaranteed drop: Don't support.
  13. This is some good stuff
  14. Zony

    As Usual:

    allow ironmen to use squeal of fortune. no use to not let us since the spins dont skip slayer tasks or boss slayer tasks. they are useless to us. allow squeal spins to skip slayer tasks and boss slayer tasks aura time remaining option says "currently desactivate. it is ready to use." please change that to "Currently deactivated. It is ready to use." because obvious reasons add slayer survival points to notes tab make qbd worth anything at all add more boss pets
  15. Zony


    lol this ^