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  1. bout fking time you got it. almost useless at this point. smh my head
  2. Sec, gonna put this in google translate so google can read it to me­ :') way too much texts lmao
  3. Raphael

    Master Capes

    what if you don't have it yet and you wanna quickly know what it is? 🤔
  4. Raphael

    Update #91

    Damn. Thats a fking nice update ! Impressive work my bossman ! Love it ❤️ Good way to include some prestige reqs and all ^^ looks like i lost my trimmed and title once again though lel, but the grind seems fun to get back 🙂 Continue the good work
  5. 107th time, yes. Its been suggested since almost day 1 :') Get to it papaboss plz
  6. Raphael

    Master Capes

    Gimme a heart too @Pooky
  7. I have to disagree to reduce the cost of repair. High tier, high cost. And tbf, its not THAT much, most of "end game" players have or can easily get a few billions of gp. Myself at one point I had like 5b gp. now standing at like 3b I think. If you have that kind of gear, you can/should be more than easily be able to afford those repair costs. Repairing items is a great money sink and it needs to stay. otherwise it will hurt the value of gp by a lot. Just you guys "complaining" (not *really* complaining but you get what i mean xd) proves exactly what I said. Makes people want more gp. And we also have a perk that reduces by 50% any repair cost, some dyes for some items and some coming in the future for t90 gear. Oh and, dyes for the t92 ring and amulet, ehhhhh...... not a fan xd ALTHOUGH. Here's an alternative idea for the t92 ring and amulet that could work: If you wear both of them at the same time, both would take longer to degrade. This idea could maybe be applied for other items too. aka maybe armor sets, like if you wear full malevolent, your malevolent armor will take more time to degrade. kind of like a "full set perk". As i know some people already thought about some ideas for full sets perks. this could be one, not much op but still nice.
  8. Agreed. And me being colorblind i hardly even see a color difference, thats s9me colorblind racism going on there ! Jk But still agreed ^^
  9. Dont you mean like decrease?
  10. Raphael


    i dont think thats a good idea. it would destroy the purpose of getting super donator imo
  11. @Scouse THANK A LOT for this xD Now this means theres 2 players who can actually update ^^ I'll always help you update it if needed (aka edit it cause im forum mod or just suggest prices w/e) I'll also make this the official price guide from now, I'll pin this up and ask connor to refere to this price guide with the command ;;pg in-game. ❤️ (cant lie i was really lazy to keep mine up to date, making the 1st complete template took me A LOT OF TIME to do, especially with all the pictures, if you want me to add the pictures tho idm doing it)
  12. dyes on t92, i mean i guess eventually. if we had to add dyes it would be on t90 1st. although malev is still being a lil bich. BUT. maybe on nox weapons that would be cool.
  13. Raphael

    Update #88 - QOL

    dope update ^^
  14. for the sirenic spider, if we want that to happen, that boss would need a big buff. aka make the spider stronger. i would suggest adding way more hp to it and possibly a special attack that can deal a lot of damage.