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  1. Pooky

    Master Capes

    i see people asking what the perk of master capes are and was wondering if you can add a command like ::capes or something to link to the guide @Raphael made
  2. Pooky


    so i have been thinking about maybe adding a perk to the shop where you can buy the ::bank ability for about $5 or something.
  3. i was thinking on money tickets instead of having to click them multiple times have like a "exchange 5, 10, 15, 20, or x" amount to make it easier
  4. javaw 2019-02-24 13-34-36-635.mp4
  5. is it possible to add a recycle all option so it does the whole inventory or have an item you can put items into and recycle the items in the bag?
  6. not enough need more http://hydrix-ps.com/ http://hydrix-ps.com/
  7. In-game name on Hydrix: Pooky In-game name on DrygonScape: Apocalypse Rank on DrygonScape?: VIP think i just got to $500 not 100% sure though
  8. Pooky

    Update #82

    awwww yeah my suggaestion at the bottom!
  9. I was thinking about the wildy task and maybe if one of the donor benefits was more re-rolls, the higher your donator rank the more re-rolls you get?
  10. Pooky

    kick ability.

    so I was thinking if its possible for players who are trusted by Connor and not staff members to have the ability to kick other players if they get dced and can't log on because somedays there isn't staff available and it can sometimes be difficult contacted staff if they are busy. Thanks, Pooky
  11. you don't need player of the month you have me it will be unfair for everyone else 😂
  12. are you serious??!?! wtf all the time i spent waiting while getting 120 dung all i had to do was clikc the door? wtf :'D
  13. is there anyway for Godric to stand still or make it so we can use the key hammer on him from any distance because most of the time he is on the opposite side and i have to wait for him to come back over thanks