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  1. I agree and would love to see this added! +1
  2. So since it is a rare occasion to see more than 2 people fighting a boss at the same time on Hydrix, I took the opportunity to take a couple screenshots for you guys to enjoy while we happened to be fighting the party demon with 4 (5 at a certain point even) people at the same time. So here you go! Feel free to use any of these pictures for any marketing purposes for the server or for any other purposes you please! (Players in these pictures: Joe, I Am Alive, Amnees and myself Equave)
  3. Welcome to my first every suggestion post! Suggestion: a new addition to the bank preset feature Currently whenever you get a new piece a gear that is better than what you previously had in your loadout, you have to take out your old loadout, add the new item piece(s), make a completely new preset and then delete the old one. Having to do this for multiple presets every time you find an upgrade gets quite repetitive. Therefor I propose the addition of an Update Button to the preset function. This button would update the preset to the gear and inventory you currently have on, making it a lot easier to improve your loadouts. Let me know your guys thoughts and thank you for reading! -Equave