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  1. nah i got it before i did my second prestige. im leveling at prest 5 atm
  2. once again, liable like always! was able to get 2xp perk from my guy. much love ❤️
  3. Oh oh oh, oh rrileyyyyy.. Riley reid
  4. Yea, this is definitely a big job, and in no way expect it all to come at once. If we focus on it and do bit by bit, it will be done in no time!
  5. Thanks. I really wanna see this mode strive. I would live to come back and play the content over and over for these ideas. It gives it a reason to do so. Right now all it's for is a boss 😕
  6. my b boi, didnt notice
  7. idk why this isnt a thing yet
  8. This is a pretty controversial topic right now for not just me but for some others. so i wanted to make my opinions and what we can do to make it better heard. feel free to disagree or agree below on what you want. i feel this is a thing we all need to discuss as a community. The Basics for me personally we need to start strong. we need to add a section of the introduction for new players to know that prestiging is here and full of content! Also we need to have it be known when someone maxes that they can go and prestige for new unlocks (which ill talk about later). As some may have seen me say this analogy already, that you can not run a start up business and begin wide-scale advertising and sell merch when you cant even get the bare bones of your product correct. so thats when we get to our next point, the incentives of going "all the way" with prestiging. NOTE: since there are different xp rates, some things may need to be unlocked earlier for heroics than for easy unless we want to do the saying "I chose this game-mode for a reason, for the difficulty." The Shop when i think of prestiging, I see it as the true "End-Game". this is once you max and want to continue on with the story of the game. i feel that with prestiging at its current state it is a HUGE miss right now. there is so much we can do that we arnt. i know that this means a lot of work, but if we execute it properly it will pay off. so from the start, the shop for prestiging needs a TOTAL boost. i have no idea what all 10 tiers of prestiging gives to the shop, only a select few have achieved this rank, but i feel if we make it worth the reset, it would pull more people in. this could mean new gear only obtainable from prestiging, non tradeable dyes, cosmetics, titles, non tradeable recopies to make new potions, etc. there is so many things we can even do! we need to make the shop work before we can even think about going further. to me, the shop is the "Framework" of the whole thing. this needs to be perfected before moving on. The Areas Right now, the only areas we have are the main t1 prestige zone and the new boss that drops the parts for the new t92 staff. To me, this is also a massive place where we are missing out on many opportunities. i feel, just like donators, every few ranks should get a new area, but the difference is not for skilling, its for new content. on Drygon we have so many quests, now we have 2... with this opens an area that with each rank, you can talk to a "prestige rank upgrade" npc which unlocks a new title and toggle-able icon next to your name (like donator and veteran), and 1-2 new quests for people to do per rank. With these new areas it would be cool to see new npcs. for example, new slayer tasks handed out. this would mean maybe when we add in a new monster/boss, add in something specifically for prestige mode as well. this doesnt have to be the same enemies (preferably not), but make it so we are constantly updating the prestige mode. Another thing we can do is add new shops with added items (not the over all prestige shop, but maybe a npc with new/not sold anywhere else potions, weapons, customs, etc) for the items, this is not me to decide but the exclusivity is needed for people to want to play the content. we could also have an npc that takes hydrix points and has a shop that rotates every weekend with 3-4 goodies that are chosen randomly. these could be exclusive overrides, items, or teleports like sheaf teles and whatnot, not for me to decide but it has to be things people actually need/use. but all in all, new areas need to be created. they should have new things added to them all the way up till t10. (t1 has some things but not all. then add more to t2, t3, t4 to make it worth going to these next ranks. Bosses this will only be a smaller topic because i have no say what bosses are added and wont be. but i feel, going off the previous point of new areas, adding in bosses that pertain to their difficulty added to a designated prestige zone area. so for the t92 boss, its rank 5 which is agreeable. maybe if we add t99's and we want one to be tied in with prestige make it so for average its t10, easy t10, hard t7, heroic t5 or something. not for me to decide.but having bosses for specific prestige zones allows for more push to the next areas, excpecially if people are going for the trimmed completionist cape. Prestige for High-Scores This is pretty self explanitory. so many people want it added, but it hasnt. with showing what prestige someone is makes the race for max prestige for each difficulty rank. some people like being #1 on highscores, so having this not on there is just pushing people away from prestiging. so making this an actual thing should be a no brainer. Tying it all together I know i missed things that are important aspects of this mode, but most of the important ones have been stated. for me, maxing is only half of the game, while prestiging is the other half that is currently being abused due to not enough content. A new and improved prestige shop, new prestige rank bound areas with exclusive items, npcs, quests, and monsters, new bosses for prestige zones, and mainly adding it to the high-Scores. Building this will make more people want to prestige and continue playing. obviously this is a massive project and all cant be done at once, but as long as we build constantly overtime, we can really pull something great off! we have a FANTASTIC half of the game now, so lets try and get the the other half built and really see what we can accomplish then. i really want this server to be the best one out there. Please post you thoughts below. if you have any other ideas please post them below as well. lets build this as a community!
  9. Itsyaboi

    Update #91

    Good update with balancing but I will not be presteging 4 more times to kill a boss.
  10. Idk y it wasn't this to begin with....
  11. Itsyaboi

    Update #90