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  1. Hydrix

    Update #107

    21st May 2019 Research table: I have updated the research table with a much cleaner interface, unique to itself. I worked hard on this interface to make it easier to read and use, whilst also keeping a nice design. The interface works as simple as clicking the item you want to research and then clicking research. media: Raids Titles: Since OSRS raids are popular and used daily, i have made some achievement titles for those dedicated enough to obtain them. Raids master: Unlocked by having completed 500 of each OSRS raid. the Blood: Unlocked by completing 500 Theatre of Blood raids. of the Chambers: Unlocked by completing 500 Chambers of Xeric raids. Raider: Unlocked by achieving a combined total of 100 OSRS raids completed. Others: Moved research table 1 tile to the east. Fixed Hazlemere signet ring drop rate %. Chaotic longsword (i) inventory icon has been fixed. Various yell colours have been updated to be more visable. Gulega raid now tracks killcount. Examining the Kourend sigil will no longer send you through the castle wall. Completionist cape will now correctly check for quests completed. Fixed a ZMI bug causing level 44 runecrafters unable to continue. Some of Commander Zilyana's drops are now noted. Calamity wait timer has been reduced to 3 minutes from 10 minutes. Added ::spin10 command which will instantly spin 10 times on the Squeal of Fortune.
  2. Hydrix

    Update #106

    17th May 2019 Home area: As we wish our beloved island farewell, we move into the Kourend castle & make it our new and improved home. Everything with the exception of recycle centre has followed us and setup camp. You don't need to do anything, all the commands & respawns have been updated to the new home. I understand some people don't like change, but sometimes change is needed for the better, try to enjoy it 🙂 The recycle centre will remain on the island and the island will now become the new ::chill area. Donation event: For the next 12 hours, every $50 you donate will grant you a free Uber donator box! Remember you can also donate with OSRS & RS3 gold! Others: Referral added for youtube video. Fixed a bunch of npcs who were not showing up on the mini map. Loot beam settings can now be toggled via settings instead of the npc. Added a "I buy everything" shop next to thieving. Ironman accounts can use this shop. Tutorial has been updated to include more important content. Staff of Sliske value has been updated. Staff of Sliske can now been traded on the grand exchange. Teleblock spell has been fixed.
  3. Hydrix

    Update #105

    13th May 2019 Rue's altar (Quest): Requirements: 50 Runecrafting. Rue can be found at the Runecrafting abyss in stress, due to her Altar having no power. She will require help from you, so get started by talking to her. The quest will not involve any combat & is safe for skillers, completing this quest will provide the rewards stated below; - Access to ZMI altar which grants double experience. - 2500 Runecraft experience (this will scale to your xp mode). Others: ZMI altar added. Aura's can no longer be used in the duel arena. Basket of eggs removed from donator store. Anivia's adamant bar drops are now noted. Fixed a bug causing Wooden shield (g) to turn into a regular shield. Sheaf shark consume limit has been increased to 100 per day. Auras will now work correctly in the wilderness. Fixed a bug causing wyvern bones to drop as granite legs. Scorpia will now reward spring tokens when the event is active. Magma & Tanzanite helms are now immune to poison and also inflict poison. Adept prayer drain has been reduced by half. Ironman accounts can now use ::spin. Skilling outfits have been reduced to 250 runecoins each. Ancient robe legs have been added to clue scrolls. Runecrafting animation delay has been reduced.
  4. Hydrix

    Update #104

    9th May 2019 Clue Scrolls: For a while now the loot in clue scrolls have heavily relied on obtaining a dye or it's pretty much junk and not even fun, but OSRS have some fantastic clue rewards & we've added almost all of the new OSRS clue scroll rewards. Ornament kits now work correctly and are 100% supported. The following rewards have been added; Dragon simitar ornament kit, Dragon boots ornament kit, Armadyl godsword ornament kit, Bandos godsword ornament kit, Zamorak godsword ornament kit, Saradomin godsword ornament kit, Rune defender ornament kit, Bear feet, Mole slippers, Frog slippers, Demon feet, Soulder parrot, Rain bow, Wooden shield (g), Dual sai, Giant boot. More rewards will be added in a second batch, enjoy 🙂 Others: OSRS data has been updated to latest release. Hiscores are now based on prestige level before xp. (Website update will go live this evening), Idol models have been updated. Dark beasts now have animations and have a maximum hit of 170. Assassin teleport will now put you in a blocked off area before proceeding to the boss. Ironman accounts can now use the Squeal of Fortune. An interface will now promt staff when a ;;ticket is requested. You can now note dream logs. Clue scrolls will now announce more rare rewards. Rare clue scroll rewards now announce to discord.
  5. Hydrix

    Update #103

    6th May 2019 Zulrah: Zulrah was our first OSRS boss and even though it's been here for nearly a year, it's never had a pet, until now! Zulrah will drop the pet at a chance of 1/400 or 1/300 with the pet hunter perk. Serpentine helm can now be dyed with Magma or Tanzanite to give a cosmetic overhaul. The dyes are not tradeable and neither are the dyed helmets so only those who get the drop can show off the achievement. Others: Kraken now drops a pet at 1/1,000 chance. Added a failsafe to bank presets. If your inventory/gear fails to deposit due to a full bank then the preset will no longer overwrite your gear. Added new referral for this evenings stream. Fixed a bug preventing double drops whilst lootshare is active. PvP restricted items can now be used against npc's in the wilderness. Bad santa pet drop rate is now 1/3,000. Boss killcounts will now announce milestones up to 10,000 kills. Trivia answers now track your total correctly.
  6. Hydrix

    Update #102

    1st May 2019 Duo Ironman mode: Duo ironman mode is what it says on the tin, you play as an ironman, with the same restrictions, but you may trade with one other ironman. This ironman partnership is set & sealed forever like a swans love, you cannot change it. Simple make a new account and you will be asked to choose a game mode, select duo ironman mode and when you've completed the tutorial, you may right click a player to request partnership, the invitation will only be sent if the player is a duo ironman & doesn't currently have a partner. Goodluck & have fun 🙂 Others: Comp is now a support staff. Using the Easter carrot against the angry easter bunny now deals 300% extra damage/accuracy. Easter carrot now has the same stats as a dragon scimitar. The hiscores now collects data in regards to prestige level. Ring imbuling kits have been removed from donator boxes. All reported referral bugs have been fixed. Corrupted & Ancient slayer helmets now have melee stats. New trigger event added: Players take no damage for 30 minutes. The chances to hit the rare table on the RDT has been increased. Starter pack coins are now deposited directly to the money pouch. Bonecrusher (i) will now work with double drops. Anivia drain attack has been reduced from 50 to 10 levels. Infinity boots have been added to the magic equipment store. Increased some runecoin item values. The following items have been added to the runecoin store; Hydrix h'ween, Barrows totem, Dryaxion key.
  7. Hydrix

    Update #101

    27th April 2019 GwD (i): Introducing the latest edition to the armour collection... Bandos (i), Armadyl (i) & Subjugation (i) are obtained by using a GwD armour upgrade kit on them, the kit is obtained from dungeoneering for 250,000 tokens. This upgrade will give the armours an offensive stat boost & also give them a very cool upgraded look as seen below... Others: You can no longer use <img=> in ::yell. Removed incorrect spawns from Lumbridge. Super prayer potions have been fixed. Optimised referral logging system. Fixed Ancient slayer helmet stats. Fixed some bugs causing console spam. Virtus robe legs price check value has been corrected. Slayer points pet perks have been fixed. You're now 50% more likely to hit the Rare drop table. Golden pirate hat rate is now 1/1000 compared to 1/5000 it was previously. Bad santa now counts towards total boss kills. The chance to obtain a totem drop in the Catacombs has been increased. Fixed a bug causing some monsters to not drop dark totem tops. Callisto & Scorpia pets now display total killcount on examine.
  8. @Scouse has been promoted to forum administrator. That is all, thanks 🙂
  9. I have implemented many of these today. Any that haven't been implemented either need to be discussed with staff or won't be added.
  10. Hydrix

    Update #100

    23rd April 2019 To celebrate reaching 100 updates, double drops will be active ALL DAY! Dungeoneering rework: For some time now players have complained about the dungeoneering being RNG based and although we have released perks & books to help increase these odds, it is still putting off new players, so we have made the following changes; Dungeoneering no longer has any RNG based methods, all methods are now instant. You will no longer take damage when searching Berry. Dungeoneering perk now rewards double tokens. Trimmed Completionist Cape: Despite the fact the cape is the best in-game, many players think the effort to obtain the cape vs the benefits just simply isn't worth it, so we have made the following changes; The cape can now act as any of the master capes, providing you have the requirements to wear the master cape. The cape now has an option called Master Cape Perks, this is for master capes that have an inventory perk such as teleporting, or claiming items. The cape now has a 2% Magic damage. Others: Added new referral codes for some new youtubers, will be activated upon videos. Lucky zamorak godsword special attack has been fixed. Killcount milestones now also occur at 1500, 2000 & 2500. Uber donator boxes are now on store for 42,000 tokens. Pet mystery boxes no longer give pets, just perks. Renamed pet mystery box to pet perk mystery box. Expensive store has been removed. Trivia store has been added. Easter event removed.
  11. Hydrix

    Update #99

    20th April 2019 Referral System: New players can now claim rewards if they come from a toplist that offers rewards. When joining they will be promt with an option to type in the name of the toplist or youtuber they was referred by and if it's one of our sites that we support then they will be given rewards. If you're trying to claim a referral after the starter dialogue, then simply type ;;referral or ;;refer to promt the dialogue. Toplists are exclusively for new players only, existing players will not be able to claim a toplist referral unless they're still very new. All players can claim youtuber referrals, these will be unique codes given to Youtubers to share to the viewers so they can claim in-game. Referral's are device bound so if you share a computer, only one person can ever claim the reward, so best be quick :). I understand that this is a very small update than usual, but it was of great importance that i added it sooner rather than later.
  12. Hydrix

    Update #98

    19th April 2019 Trivia; Trivia will randomly generate a question for players to answer, if you get it correct you will be rewarded with trivia points which can be used to purchase various goods from the trivia store. When a question pops up in the chat simple type ::answer ANSWERHERE and it will tell you if your answer is correct or not. Rewards included; - Leprechaun hat (Cosmetic). - Cabbage round shield (Level 30 stats). - Eek the Spider (Cosmetic). - 110% food healing [perk]. - Briefcase (Cosmetic). - Heavy Casket (Cosmetic). - Small xp lamp. Others: Added scoreboard to home which can access all of the non-skill highscores. Added a new scoreboard for total boss kills. Various items from the event tokens store have been moved to the Trivia store. Runecoiner will now calculate the quantity of your drop correctly. Defender of Hydrix title has been given a white trim. Prayer renewal potion now benefits from One True Potion perk. Celestia, Defender of Sliske & Sunfreet now respawn every 30 seconds. Noxious scythe special attack can no longer be used on the max hit dummy.
  13. Hydrix

    Update #97

    15th April 2019 Easter Sale: Until Easter the donation store has a 25% off sale. You can visit the store by clicking here Safe Alchemy: Due to a string of people over a period of time accidently alching items they don't want to, i have introduced safe alchemy. This is active by default and won't allow you to alch anything over the value of 5 million, should you turn this off and accidently alch something you will no longer get a refund since you disabled the protection. Others: Pet Blue, Green, Black & Red dragons have had a graphical update. Barrows daily money maker now shows the correct reward. Fixed 5% pet combo perk with Melee & Ranged. Magic damage is now tracked correctly in raids. Scorpia now counts towards total boss kills. God bows can now also fire arrows up to Rune. Loot bag will now drop its contents in the same way it was deposited in terms of noted or not. Slayer mystery boxes can now reward up to 5 Ancient shards.