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  1. 20th March 2018 Spring Event: As Winter finally leaves, the beautiful Spring arrives and not only does that means the plants will grow, but also will your banks should you strike some luck on the Spring event! As with all season events, the basis of it is simple. An activity will be active for a period of time & if you participate in this event you will earn tokens, the activities are listed below; Jad: 100 tokens per kill. Donating & Voting: $1:300 - 1 vote: 50. Slayer Survival: 450 tokens per completed run. Recycle Centre: 1 runecoin gives 1 token. Clue Scrolls: 50 tokens per opening. Slayer: 150 tokens per task. Theatre of Blood: 300 tokens per completed run. Calamity: When you finish the amount of tokens you will gain is the wave you're on x 33. You must have passed wave 10 to gain any tokens. Temple of Light: 10 tokens per pillar. Barrows: 75 tokens per chest opening. Wilderness Bosses: Wildywyrm, Aquatic wyrm, Sunfreet, Sliske, Sirenic the Spider, Callisto, Venenatis, Chaos Fanatic, Crazy Archaeologist & Vet'ion will grant between 20-50 tokens per kill. Rare Rewards: Ringmaster override token. Seal pup pet. Raccoon baby pet. Runecoiner: Automatically converts drops into Runecoins, this can be configured. Bonecrusher upgrade: Use this on a Bonecrusher to make a Bonecrusher (i) which can be toggled to either crush bones or note them. Noting scroll: 20% chance resource will be noted when Woodcutting, Mining or Fishing. Slaughter scroll: 10% chance your kill won't count towards your task. 3 x Deathtouched darts. 3 x Mystery chests. 100 x 1M tickets. 50 x 1m tickets. 25 x Squeal of Fortune spins. All previous scrolls can now be obtained more often than last season. Others: Assassin override is now on Weekly override. Insane final boss title will now show as "Insane final boss". Added Fpk Merk loot box for Friday's stream. Connor's cap can now be found in either style shop in Calamity. Fixed a bug allowing non-donators to access sponsor store. Higher level monsters now drop totem parts more often in Catacombs of Kourend. Sunfreet will no longer perform the air attack below 3,000 hitpoints. Kalphite Gaurdians silver ore drop is now noted. Mining sheaf essence is now 300% faster.
  2. All wildy bosses except Skopia take 60 seconds.
  3. Hydrix

    Update #91

    16th March 2018 Celestia, Defender of Sliske. Celestia has been located in a cave, should you wish to challenge her for the almighty Staff of Sliske, you will need skill, patience & good prayer switching skills. Celestia will punish those not worthy, you will need to study her attacks in order to anticipate whats coming, should you not, expect to die! Celestia has 4 phases. She has various mechanics that get more intense the closer you're to killing her, but her max damage also increases. Her final phase is an instant kill phase. If you fail to put the right prayer on, you will be killed instantly. It is advised that you use magic to fight Celestia as she has super defence against Ranged & Melee, her cave also disrupts the Twisted bow so it is useless against her. You can access Celestia by speaking to the prestige boss teleporter at the prestige zone. Requirements to fight: Prestige level of; Heroic (1), Hard (3), Average (5), Easy (8). Drops: SkeeSkee (pet) - 1/500. Staff of Sliske middle. Staff of Sliske top. Staff of Sliske bottom. Title Scroll (Defender of Sliske). Staff of Sliske is a level 92 Magic 2H weapon. It has a passive effect of unlimited elemental runes. Pet Perks: Some new additions have been added to the pet mystery box! Healthy: Adds +100 to your maximum hitpoints. Stacks with nex armours, bonfire etc. Holy: Adds +200 to your maximum prayer points. Others: Completionist cape now requires all quests completed. You can now find Connor's cap in Calamity. This hat provides +50 in all stats whilst inside the minigame. Final boss titles have been updated to require Celestia. You can now access prestige boss teleports via the regular teleport dialogue. Fixed an issue causing players to lose scrolls when ranging. 25x spins are no longer tradeable. Silverhawk boots will no longer rapidly trigger whilst training prayer. Donator zone 5 thieving stall will no longer move you home, but instead outside the building. Potion mixing will no longer say you add the herb to milk, but instead water. Runecoins are now visable on the Grand Exchange. QBD raw platform damage has been reduced to 150. QBD raw platform damage delay has been increased to 3 seconds. Amulet of Immense power magic damage has been increased to 14%. Amulet of immense power strength have been increased to 16. Amulet of perfection attack bonuses are now all +18. Amulet of perfection defence bonuses are now 0. Amulet of perfection magic damage is now +10%.
  4. Hydrix

    Master Capes

    Or examine the cape.......
  5. Hydrix

    Update #90

    8th March 2018 Woodcutting Guild: At the request of some OSRS fans we have added the Woodcutting guild from Zeah. You will need 60 Woodcutting to access the guild & is the best F2P location for woodcutting, it has the Redwood trees also! With ease of banking, the Woodcutting guild will make your skilling much easier & less click intensive. Redwood trees can be cut at level 90 Woodcutting & the logs can either be burnt for the highest firemaking experience in-game or fletched into Redwood shields. We have set the requirement of making the shields to just 1 log allowing you to gain some of the best experience in-game. Like OSRS you will have a hidden Woodcutting boost of +7 whilst in the area. This boost will still work at 99 & stack with summoning & perk boosts. Vorago changes: Enraged Vorago damage cap is now 1000. Enraged Vorago can now hit 50% through prayer. Enraged Vorago can now deflect 20% of your damage back on to you. Others: Advanced Gnome agility course has been added. Fishing spots have been renamed to state the fish they contain. You can now use the Sawmill Operator to turn logs into planks. The operator also sells some nails & cloth which ironman accounts have access to. Added Mahogany & Teak trees to skiller island. Rise of the Six chest has been reworked & fixed. Players with 9B experience can now use the title "Experience Master". Fixed a bug causing the Woodcutting perk to not trigger. Fixed a bug not allowing people to use the "Lieutenant Commander" title regardless of meeting the requirement. Removed Book of Movement from clue scroll rewards. Anyone with an existing book can click it to claim some coins, in return the book will destroy itself. Winter tokens can no longer be traded. Every wave after 60 in Calamity will now reward 15 points. Dragon hunter lance now provides 25% boost instead of 20%. Regular Barbarian course now works for Agility winter event. Added Monkfish fishing to skiller island. Added glassblowing pipe to general store. Removed fireworks from general store. You can now use pet perks on skilling pets. Added some basic allotment seeds to farming store. Added shop hub to Donator zone 2. Silverhawk feathers now have a runecoin value of 1. All Abyssal whips now have a runecoin value of 10. Added magic bankpaper to Runecoin store. You can no longer bank at Kalphite King. Abyssal bludgeon now has the correct attack speed.
  6. Hydrix

    Update #89

    4th March 2018 New Trigger Events: Boss Spotlight Double Loot: If this event is triggered, whatever boss is on spotlight will drop double loot for 30 minutes. Double Skilling Resources: If this event is triggered the following skills will provide double resources; Thieving, Hunter, Mining, Fishing & Woodcutting. Increase Boss Pet Chance: If this event is triggered all boss pets will be 100% more likely to drop. So if your base rate is 1/50, with the event active this rate will be 1/25. Others: Vorkath will now use his poison splat mechanic before rapid fire. Ancestral armour parts have all been given +1% magic damage. Random bosses should no longer appear in your instances. ::pg link has been updated. Added a Youtuber yell. Useless scimitars can now be noted. Anger weapons can now be seen on the Grand Exchange. Scrolls now have a recycle value of 90 Runecoins. Ironman accounts can now use the Slayer Survival store. Ironman accounts can now use Kuradal scrolls. Theatre of Blood caskets will no longer open if you don't have the required inventory space. Xeric caskets are now stackable.
  7. Hydrix

    Update #88 - QOL

    26th February 2018 QOL: Barrows totem will now drop in a quantity of 2 from the chest. Added an option to close your instances in settings. This will stop anyone from joining. Warmonger title can now be used after a total of 1,500 boss kills. Defender of Hydrix title can now be used after a total of 15,000 boss kills. Sun killer title can now be used after killing Sunfreet 1,000 times. Lieutenant commander title can now be used after achieving 25 days playtime. 1m tickets now have an "Exchange-All" option. Fixed a bug causing players to lose extra currency tickets. Fixed a disconnection bug. Fixed a bug causing Hydra's animation to glitch during a special attack. Hydra can now be slightly off the tile & still allow full damage to be taken. Fixed a bug allowing you to smuggle pets in Hydra. Scroll of Absorption runecoin value has been corrected. Fixed some bugs with Zulrah & Sire instances. Snowman head model has been fixed. Theatre of Blood dead player model has been fixed. The master slayer cape now has 8 new tasks you can choose from; Drake, Wyrm, Alchemical Hydra, Hydra, Ancient Wyvern, Long-tailed Wyvern, Spitting Wyvern, Taloned Wyvern.
  8. Just so you know, these suggestions won't be ignored, but will be a while before you see any of them. I still have an entire Theatre of Blood rework to do.
  9. Hydrix

    Update #87

    21st February 2018 Alchemical Hydra: Introducing the latest addition to our bosses. Hydra has 4 phases & various mechanics to keep you on your toes. You will need to move about at times, but also remain still at times to kill the Hydra with ease. Please view the OSRS wiki here to understand the Hydra's mechanics & phases. Hydra requires 95 slayer to fight & you must always have a slayer task of the Alchemical Hydra to fight. Currently, you cannot instance Hydra. This is not a forever thing, instances will follow in a few days. As many of you are aware, Hydra is quite a challenging boss & this means many mechanics. Although we don't aim to perfect OSRS bosses, i do like to keep the main factor of the boss in line with OSRS. This made instances harder and i didn't want to keep delaying Hydra. As a result of the no instances, all entry to the Hydra boss will be free until instances are active. Rare Rewards; Ikkle hydra (pet) - 1/2000, Jar of chemicals, Hydra's eye, Hydra's fang, Hydra's heart, Hydra tail, Ferocious gloves, Hydra's claw. This update also introduces the dragon hunter lance which provides + 20% accuracy & damage whilst fighting draconic type monsters. The lance has also had a stat buff to keep it relevant in our economy. Others: Added a system that will detect if a logged in player has disconnected, if so the character will be logged out allowing the player to log back in. Moved Glacor teleport to slayer teleports. You can no longer skip boss slayer tasks for free. Blood beast model has been fixed. Grenwall hunter has been added to Skiller island. A warning has been added to the Assassin teleport due to high death count. You can no longer glitch lootshare at the Assassin boss to force the drops in your favour. Zulrah will now respawn after 15 seconds. Abyssal sire will now respawn after 15 seconds. Anivia killcount now displays correctly. Don't forget that on the 23/02/2019, double drops will be active ALL DAY!
  10. No can do. There are too many simpletons playing RSPS.
  11. Hydrix

    Update #86

    15th February 2018 Bloodhound pet: The Bloodhound pet is unlocked once you've opened 500 clue scrolls. Examining the pet will display the owners clue scroll count. If you already have 500 clue scrolls, then simply speak to the pet tamer to claim your Bloodhound. Others: Sunfreet combat script has been rewritten & updated. Seren godbow now has +10% damage. Seren godbow now has a devastating special attack. Ironman accounts can now use the duel arena for friendly fights. Twisted bow formula has been updated to reflect much closer to OSRS formula. Drake special attack will now only damage it's target. Increased cave horror spawns. GwD instances now contain the minions. Fixed a bug stopping Dark core from spawning in Corporeal beast instance. Fixed a broken drop table. Ganodermic flakes now have a "craft" option. You can no longer take pets into the duel arena. Removed the clan chat requirement for joining instances. Anivia final phase has been reworked & will no longer double spawn. Malevolent helmet inventory icon has been updated. Malevolent helmet now degrades to broken. Dying in pvm with a looting bag will no longer hide the contents. A bug causing some drop rate buffs to provide more of a bonus than they're meant to has been resolved. Fixed a bug causing pet perks to be lost when withdrawing with a full inventory. Fixed Chamber of Xeric winter event. Weekly override has been updated.