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  1. Hydrix

    Update #116

    18th July 2019 QOL: As i've been working on a fairly intense project behind the scenes, i haven't managed to put any content in this update, but i've released some much needed fixes for now. You can now purchase a Barrows teleport from the general store to instantly start the minigame. You can no longer freeze Celestia. Moved Celestia teleport to prevent safespots. Fixed ::guides command Slayer portal teleport has been updated to support a lot more slayer monsters. Added unnoted vials of water to the herblore store. Grave npc has been updated to be more visable. The Hazlemere signet ring's 5% drop rate boost will now add on top of your drop rate cap. So if your max is 50%, with the ring you can achieve 55%. Hp tracker interface has been relocated & updated. Grand Exchange is now open again. Added a ladder to the prestige dungeon. Added the commands ::dung & ::dungeoneering for quick teleports back to your dungeoneering floor. Moved some dragons in catacombs to stop them getting stuck in the wall & entering multi zones. Dragonfire protection should now be more effective at KBD. Corrected Dragon kiteshield stats. Well of Fortune activation target is now 120M coins. Added Monkfish spawn to fishing zone. Don't forget to jump online Sunday the 21st of July as Double Drops will be active ALL DAY to celebrate my birthday 🙂
  2. This will be updated next update.
  3. Hydrix

    Kc interface

    I cannot switch to an OSRS interface, no. All of our interfaces are made by myself.
  4. Hydrix

    Update #115

    11th July 2019 Donator Box Rework: After the poll got 100% feedback on a rework, i put the concept to work and here is what has changed: Although the donator boxes will remain the same item, once you open them, you won't simply get an item in your inventory anymore, instead an interface will open up and 3 items will be shown, you will have the option to claim one of them for donator tokens that value 50% of the boxes value or you can choose random pick, which will then randomly choose 1 of the 3 items for you. The rates & loot table will remain exactly the same for all boxes except Uber. Uber donator box has been renamed to Legendary donator box and the price has been reduced from 42,000 to 15,000. The box will work on the Extreme donator box drop table with enhanced rates and you can claim your item for free or if you feel like a rebel, you can still choose to random pick. A new Extreme donator box is now in store for 10,000 tokens. The box has the same table as Super donator & Legendary donator, but offers enhanced rates (not as good as legendary) & claim option is only 40% of the box value. Media: The following items have now been added to all donator boxes; White partyhat, Red partyhat, Green partyhat, Blue partyhat, Purple partyhat, Yellow partyhat, Black partyhat, Santa hat, Donator Tokens (2000-30000), Dragon Warhammer, To celebrate the rework, all donator tokens are up to 25% off for the next 48 hours! Others: Donator boxes will no longer announce loot to keep a level of privacy. Fixed screen will now show the activity loot box timer. The hitpoints tracker interface has been updated. Trial of the Gods now rewards double when the minigame event is active. AFK timer is now set to 5 minutes. You can now simply click the crystal key chest to unlock it. 500x Dragon dart box colour has changed. Random Santa Hat box colour has changed. Edited some item examines. The command ::removeironman will now work on Duo accounts. Fixed a bug allowing players to break instances. Grand Exchange has been disabled until next update.
  5. So for a while now, in fact for years, RSPS has simply used donator boxes as a main means of donations, which is perfectly fine, but it's boring. I have a new idea that i hope you guys will like... Donator Gamble Ticket (Name is not set in stone😞 So all the donator boxes would be removed and replaced with tickets, these tickets wold be used as follows; You click the ticket and the ticket would be consumed and you're not promt with a screen which contains 3 items, you can either claim one for extra donator tokens or you can click random which would then pick 1 of the 3 for you to win. This creates a certain level of excitement that is very much needed. You have a Twisted bow in front of you or some godswords, of course you want that Twisted bow, so do you spend extra to claim it or do you risk it for a cheap win? The prices of the tickets would not change, the only change would be that the Uber donator box would change to an Uber tickets that doesn't reward 5x items anymore, but it would allow you to choose your reward from the 3 shown without any charge and of course would be reduced in value because it's currently value would be too high.
  6. Hydrix

    Update #114

    6th July 2019 Summer Event: As we move into the time of year we all look forward to, but complain about once it's here, Spring leaves us & Summer begins. The following events will provide summer tokens when active: Crystal keys, Clue Scrolls, Recycle Centre, Boss Spotlight, Corrupted Brothers, Trivia, Ingenuity, Trial of the Gods, Heist, Donating & Voting, Slayer. Further information about the event can be found by talking to the Summer Event person at the home area. Lot's of new & existing rewards can be found by opening the tokens, 300 tokens will grant 1 reward. Loot box timer: When you login you may notice a new icon on the left side of your screen counting down from 120, once this hits 0 you will be rewarded with a loot crate which has an extremely large pool of rewards ranging from junk to ultra rare. Existing players timers will be 0 upon login, this is to allow you to obtain a box right off the bat since you've obviously been playing for some time now 🙂 The only exception to this is that the timer will only count down when you're not afk. You can view the drop table here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MtKAasnWGMk9BYE4vqO2KqBcD8PShSNgka-hjfwMhx4/edit?usp=sharing Others: Runecoiner, Bonecrusher upgrade, Slaughter scroll & Noting scroll can now be purchased from the Runecoin store. Corrected Apex robe bottom price check value. Raptor's ring now has the correct stats. Fixed Runecoiner's examine text. Moderators can now use ::teletome Staff can now restock shops from the staffzone. Feathers & Living mineral stocks are now 100,000. Rocktails fishing experience has been corrected. Examine text on mining pets will now show the owners total mining experience. Fishing outfit now has a "Wear" option. Corrected Raptor's ring examine text.
  7. Hydrix

    Update #113

    2nd July 2019 Prestige Expansion: For some time now, prestiging just hasn't had enough reward for the effort it takes, after various talks with players, veterans & staff, we have come up with various ideas that have now been put into the live games. Prestige zone has been moved to a new location that feels more like a zone & a place you can chill & skill. The zone provides a +5% experience boost, this boost will also increase to match the donator zones as displayed below; V.I.P + 20% + 5%, Sponsor + 40% + 5%. Prestige zone includes various trees, ores & other skilling facilities. It also includes an exclusive prestige donator store and an exclusive prestige runecoin store which offers upgrades to top tier items, these upgrades are untradeable as they're exclusive for prestiged players. The research table has 6 new items to be researched via the prestige expansion! Your drop rate cap will now per prestige rank. The amount it increases will depend on your experience mode, the increments are as follows; Easy +0.5% per rank, Average +1% per rank, Hard +1.5% per rank, Heroic +2% per rank. You may also access a new prestige dungeon via the ladder at the prestige zone, this will take you into a cave with Corrupted Verac's, Karil's & Ahrim's and the Raptor. The brothers all drop a different type of corruption which can be used to craft some new level 85 power armour which is used in the creation of the new level 92 armour. The brothers can drop a different pet each at 1/2000. You will need a total of 10,000 corruption to make the full armour set. Media (Level 85 Armour): The prestige zone also introduces a new boss.. the Raptor! This boss will test your skills & patiences as you slay him down for various exclusive rewards & perks. The Raptor is weak to melee, but should you choose to use this method, be aware that hit melee damage can hit up to 90% through your prayer! The main objective for many will be to obtain the Raptor's seal, this seal can be used at the research table amougst other things to make level 92 hybrid armour, this armour does NOT degrade and is tradeable, but only those who have prestiged can wear it. The Raptor has an excellent drop table and will surely reward players for their efforts. If you're lucky you can get a mini-raptor pet, but it won't be found too often as the rate is 1/5000. Media (Level 92 armour): Others: Fixed a bug giving some donators an extra 5% drop rate that they shouldn't have. Final boss title's now require the Raptor boss kills. Removed a default interface line at the bottom of the pet claim interface. Added Facebook referral code. Glacey will now display killcount when examined. Corrected the Hydrix trivia anagram. Owner of hydrix trivia answer has changed. Torva, Pernix & Virtus boots & gloves will now appear on the Grand Exchange. The dialogue will no longer stay open when accessing the master slayer perk from the trimmed completionist cape.
  8. Hydrix is not using the same source as another server you played, please don't assume such crap. Hydrix source is a 7 year old source which uses the very first Matrix base, all the osrs add'ons etc has all been done by myself or people i have paid.
  9. Hydrix

    Update #112

    15th June 2019 Vote Store: For some time now, the store has been a bit boring and lackluster. Overall votes have dropped due to this, so i have taken some community suggestions and added some new items to the store; 10% Drop rate token (1 point) Holy scroll (35 points) Berserker scroll (35 points) Scroll of Protection (35 points) Mythical scroll (35 points) Boss instance ticket (10 points) Random chaotic box (25 points) Chaotic (i) rework: The chaotic (i) items are very popular and they currently look no different to a regular chaotic so i have spent quite some time changing the textures on the items to give them a unique and powerful feel. This currently only applies to mainhand chaotic (i) excluding staff due to it having no texture. Media: Others: Fixed offhand chaotic longsword (i) inventory icon. Fixed a bug causing players items to vanish upon death. Mystery box can now be traded on the Grand Exchange. Barbarian assult icons can now be traded on the Grand Exchange. Removed various chaotics showing up on Grand Exchange. Corrected vote store item values. Items will no longer be deleted when using bank presets with a full bank.
  10. Hydrix

    Update #111

    8th June 2019 World Event Information Interface: A new interface that contains various information regarding events have been released. This will help players understand when world event bosses spawn, what events are active, when happy hour is etc... Access it via the quest tab menu. Media: Others: Killcount interface has been moved from the quest tab to ::killcounts & ::kc. Noting scroll will now give the correct Dream log & Redwood logs. Removed Server Information from the player profile. Should an ironman kill a player in the wilderness, the loot is now deleted. Fixed some pets not showing on initial pet interface click. Dusty can now be purchased from the slayer store. Zulrah's mutagens will now track on the collection log.
  11. Not everyone likes change, but change is needed regardless.
  12. Hydrix

    Update #110

    3rd June 2019 QOL: Ironman accounts can no longer use the red portal at clan wars. (Anyone involved in this will be told to remove any smuggled items, any failure todo so will result in a perm ban, we have logs, so don't be stupid). Dragon knives now require 60 Ranged to use. You can no longer obtain a Chaos rune from the calamity armour store. Clue scrolls will no longer double during happy hour or double drops. Cleaned up lootshare code. Removed some system spam from the gem crafting script. You can now cut an onyx into bolt tips. Amulet of fury is now made by using a gold bar & onyx on a furnace. Display drops will now pre calculate your drop amount and only output a type of drop per line, rather than using twice the amount of lines. (If this doesn't make sense then don't worry, it's a good thing :)). Slayer pets now correctly update the pet interface once purchased. (If you have already purchased a pet and it isn't unlocked on the interface, then please message me with proof you own it and i will provide you the points to unlock it). Dark Feast, Garg & Frosty pets are no longer drops and will be obtained in the same system as all other boss/mob pets. The rate to obtain them is 1/1000 and should you have already obtained the pet, you will need to reobtain it to unlock it via the pet interface. This also means that these pets can now be used with pet perks. Updated discord !bosspets to just !pets. Fixed a bug allowing players to exchange too many 1m tickets, therefore causing them to lose alot of gp.
  13. Hydrix

    Update #109

    I understand that many won't be a fan, but as long as i keep it controlled it won't get out of hand and if it does then i can look to change how it works.